Episode 170: A Well-Meaning, Canadian Christmas

CBC 1936 * Edmonton
Alleee 1
Vincent Price * Doctor Phibes Merry Christmas
King Coleman * Holiday Season
CBC 1949 * Lighthouse Santa
Ontario Lottery Corporation * Fanfare for Christmas
Eilert Pilarm * Blue Christmas
CBC 1956 * Christmas Shopping
Michelle Cody * Merry Christmas, Elvis
Johnny “Bowtie” Barstow * Jingle Bells
CBC 1960 * Aluminum Christmas Trees
Ontario Lottery Corporation * Reindeer Roundup
Rod and the Librettos * How do they Spend Christmas in Heaven
CBC 1963 * Yes, Virginia 60 years later
Fred Lowry * Letter to Virginia
Gene Marshall * Evelyn Christmas
CBC 1966 * NORAD
Sugarplum Fairy
Sonny Cash * Merry Christmas Polka
CBC 1975 * Pet Rocks
The Sisterhood * Baby, It’s a Cold Night in December
Terri Summers and the Librettos * Season’s Greetings
CBC 1975 * Subliminal
Arthur Treacher * Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
CBC 1983 * Cabbage Patch Mania
The Going Thing * My Christmas Tree
Alvin Dahn * It’s Christmas
CBC 1999 * Icicle Lights are Ugly
Addams Family * We Wish you a Merry Christmas


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