Episode 173: The Reason for the Cheese, Son!


Johnny’s Stocking 1
Alleee 1
Biddle Bo Peep * Dear Lord and Santa Claus
Johnny’s Stocking 2
The Lundstrom Singers and Friends * Kick that Grumpy Goat Away
Cousins Choir * Why Isn’t Everybody Singing
Johnny’s Stocking 3
Andy the Accordion
Johnny’s Stocking 4
Jeff Mitchell and his Dad Duke * Fountain of the Bells
The Lundstrom Singers * Santa Wouldn’t Have a Job Without Jesus
Johnny’s Stocking 5
Jingle Babies * It’s Christmas
Kelly Pace, Aaron Brown, Joe Green, Matthew Johnson and Paul Hayes * Holy Babe
Johnny’s Stocking 6
Rev. A.W. Nix * Death Might Be Your Christmas Gift
Singing Mariners * Holy Holly
Johnny’s Stocking 7
Westboro Baptist Church * Santa Claus will Take you to Hell
The Wet Spots * FIst Me This Christmas
Johnny’s Stocking 8
WPIX Christmas Message
reverend Glen Armstrong * Even Squeaky Fromme Loves Christmas
Johnny’s Stocking 9
Andy the Accordion 2
Battery Squash with Ivan Stang * Santa’s Laughter Mocks the Poor
Robin Allender * Walking in the Air (to wash away the dreck–just for you!)


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