Episode 176: Fundies are Filthy


1 scientologistfather, Youtube * Scientologist Father
Ladytron * Seventeen
2 David, Mojoey’s Deep Thoughts  * Atheist Holocaust
Latché swing * Hungaria
Gary Flanagan * Metro Boulot Dodo
3 Jennifleur, RR  * Rapture
Les Baxter * Roller Coaster
Optiganally Yours * Walk and Chew Gum
4 Mikey, Y! Answers * Gay Marriage Take it Personal
Billy May and Leroy Holmes * A Man and a Woman/Live for Life
DJ Morgoth * Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit Up
5 xdrifter, Fulfilled Prophecy *  Canadian Lobotomy
Jonah Jones Quartet * Moulin Rouge
Freezepop * Bike Thief
6 Oscar S, Y! Answers * Gay Off in Heaven
The John Buzon Trio * Caravan
The Who Boys * Lola
7 Anonymous, RHReality Check * Adoption Abomination
The Three Suns * Fever
Clark Bell * Tribute to String
8 TheAmazingBeliever, YouTube * Evil Force is Good
Les Baxter * Moon Moods
PAMS Jingle Singers * Austin My Hometown
9 NephilimFree, Youtube  * DNA dope
Esquivel * El Cable
Bucky Lewis * Half Breed
10 zekretzpy, YouTube * Gay Weirdo
Leroy Holmes * Mah-Na-Mah-Na
Circle of Tyrants * The Story of LSD
11 One_LoVe, Rapture Ready * Praise Jesus
Alleee 2




  1. 1
    John Says:

    wow you took all the time to make this

    your as devoted to smearing people as they are to their faith, as blind as it might be in your opinion, your just as religious

    you spend your time sowing seeds of hate, cheers to reaping what you sow!

  2. 2
    alleee Says:

    Ah! Good to know you hate religion.

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