Episode 177: Religion Part 1

Betty Bowers
The Customer is Not Always Right
Brent Michael Davids


1 Betty Bowers
Alleee 1
Taking Pride in Rochester
2 Brent Michael Davids * RISK IN THE OVAL OFFICE
Phil RetroSpecter * Ricky
3 Religion is Born
Clara Rockmore * The Swan
Peter Wyngarde * Rape
4 Ivan Stang * REPENT
Julius Wechter and the Baja Marimba Band * Do You Know The Way To San José?
Colatron * Twin Hearts * The David Lynch Mashup Album
5 Betty Bowers
The Chain * Peewee’s Big Adventure
M.C. Python * Voodoo Banter Rap
6 Religion is Born
Bernie Green * The Peanut Vendor Green
DJ Gaston * Svatba to Me
7 Betty Bowers
Bert Kaempfert * Afrikaan Beat
Drozen and Peck * Donkey Kong 1
8 Religion is Born
The Who Boys * Mars 5
Emy Six * The Girl from Space
9 Betty Bowers
Anubian Lights * Smoke and Mirrors
Fabio * About Romance
10 Religion is Born
Drozen and Peck * Donkey Kong 2
Alleee 2


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