Episode 178: Praise Bob!

The Church of the Subgenius SubSite

Natalie Ellis * Cult of Bob 1
Alleee 1
The Legendary Stardust Cowboy and the Altamount Boys * As I Gaze (Mixxed Emotions)
Cult of Bob 2
Jim Helms * Caine’s Theme
Attack Warning
Cult of Bob 3
Vocomotion * The Great Gig in the Sky
The J’s with Jaime * This Ole House
Cult of Bob 4
Roy Smeck * Ukelele Bounce
Fitness is for Everyone
Cult of Bob 5
The Tempo Light Orchestra * What the World Needs Now
Jane Connell * Gooch’s Song * Mame Soundtrack
Cult of Bob 6
Benny Goodman * String of Pearls
Jesus is Slack
Cult of Bob 7
Percy Faith * Cuanto Le Gusta
Brad Reddekopp * Election Day
Cult of Bob 8
David Snell * Ma Cherie Amour
Let’s Pronounce Well
Cult of Bob 9
Isham Jones and his Orchestra * China Boy Go Sleep
RIAA (Nirvana vs Killing Joke) * Come as the Eighties
Cult of Bob 10
Alleee 2


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