Episode 181: Kickin’ God to da Kurb Part 2


Letting Go 12
Alleee 1
Tipsie Lee * Travelin’ Love
Letting Go 13
The Keyboards * Nothing Rhymed
Kirby Stone Four * Ti-Pi-Tin
Letting Go 14
The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan
Reverend Doctor Squeezebox * David Icke
Letting Go 16
Joe Tripoli Jr * The Hustle
Arthur Siegal and Kay Ballard * Political Cartoons
Letting Go 17
101 Strings * A Disappointed Love with a Desensitized Robot
Little Markie * J-E-S-U-S
Letting Go 18
Les Reed Orchestra * Man of Action
Desi Arnaz & Lucille Ball * Cuban Pete
Letting Go 19
Sidney Crooke * The March of the Ants
Wesley Willis * I Wupped Batman’s Ass
Letting Go 20
Martin & Brown * Caravan
Tom And Alene Ogden * One More Valley
Letting Go 21
Don Morrow * Kerouazy
Astrud Gilberto * WIndy
Letting Go 22
Sid Bass * Spanish Flea
The Mississippi Mud Mashers * Bring it on Home to Grandma
Letting Go 23
Nick Perito * Oh! Calcutta
Bozo’s Song
Alleee 2


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