Episode 182: Kickin’ God to da Kurb Part 3


Letting Go 24
Antoine * Ma Ceinture De Sécurité * Nymphomania Vol. 2
Letting Go 25
Ted Sommer * I Could Write a Book * Dancing 30’s in Percussion
Os Incriveis * Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo * Neste Mundo Louco
Letting Go 26
Michel Legrand * You Must Believe in Spring
Heino * Ja, Ja, Wenn Mutter Lacht * Liebe Mutter
Letting Go 27
Don Harper * Nightmare * Homo Electronicus
The Who Boys * London Crying * The Good, the Bad, and the Who Boys
Letting Go 28
John Watermann * The Neurotic Jesus Cashboy
DJ Lobsterdust * Never Gonna Fool Your Gold * Guilty Pleasures Vol 2 (RICKRAWKED)
Letting Go 29
André Brasseur * Pow-Wow * Nymphomania Vol 3
Fred Doest * Hacid Freak for my Peeps * Fooklegs: Folkloric Mashups
Letting Go 30
Monaco Danceband * Snake in the Grass * Nymphomania Vol 1
Hurricane Smith * Oh Babe What Would You Say * Vintage Cheese
Letting Go 31
Exiled Tibetan Artists * We are Together and United
Cuff Links * Tracy * Vintage Cheese
Letting Go 32
Heinz Kiesling * Orbiter * Achtung! German Grooves
Gerard St Paul * C’est Beau Paris (Come Together)
Letting Go 33
Old Time Movies
André Verchuren * Je Me Sens Bien
Letting Go 34
The Nismen * The Sandstep * Mood Mosaic Vol 4 (Les Hyper Sound)
LoModA * Happy Power Energy


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