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Episode 187: They Really Believe This Stuff

February 27, 2009

ATLAH Worldwide: All Jesus, All The Time

Revelation Truth


Bill McKee * Year Month Day Hour End 1
Alleee 1
Earl Hines * Sweet Georgia Brown
The Statesmen * Everybody’s Gonna Have a Terrible Time
Bill McKee * Year Month Day Hour End 2
Kirby Stone Four * A Reasonably Ugly Chick
Unknown * My Glory Ladder
Bill McKee * Year Month Day Hour End 3
Moose Jackson with Tiny Bradshaw’s Orchestra * A Big 10 Inch Record
Unknown * Come Back, America!
Bill McKee * Year Month Day Hour End 4
Don Ralke and his Orchestra * I Got Rhythm
Bran Flakes * Let Us Praise Him, Children
Bill McKee * Year Month Day Hour End 5
Sugarmotor * Never Gonna Give You Up in a Heavy Situation
Gospel Echoes * Sinners Return to Jesus
Bill McKee * Year Month Day Hour End 6
Phil RetroSpecter * In My Twin Life
Earl Fullers Famous Jazz Band and Countess Ada de Lachau * Li’l Liza Jane
Bill McKee * Year Month Day Hour End 7
Teddy Lasry * Swurrrppp
Dirt Bacharach * Guys in Love
Bill McKee * Year Month Day Hour End 8
The Hi Lo’s * Something’s Coming
Drew Dobbs * Your Own Damn Fries
Bill McKee * Year Month Day Hour End 9
RIAA * Down At Mississippi
Bill McKee * Year Month Day Hour End 10
Alleee 2



Episode 186: Dr. Hal’s Birds and Bees

February 21, 2009


Dr Hal * Birds and Bees 1
Alleee 1
Leonard Nimoy * The Hitch-Hiker
Dr Hal * Birds and Bees 2
Paul Nero * This is Soul
Alison * God Did It
Dr Hal * Birds and Bees 3
Uwe Johst and Heino Schildt Und der Hammond Orgel * Voglein von dem Haus
Claude François * Le Martien
Dr Hal * Birds and Bees 4
Gustav Brom & Sein Orchester * Tell It Like It Is
Puppini Sisters * Heart of Glass
Dr Hal * Birds and Bees 5
The George Garabedian Players and the Awful Trumpet of Harry Arms * Hooray for Hollywood
Arlene Zupp * Rolling Pin
Dr Hal * Birds and Bees 6
The Nursery Brass * Little Brown Jug
Alison * Bob’s Mother
Dr Hal * Birds and Bees 7
Buddy Cole * The Lady is a Tramp
Toby Deane And Bob Mallit * The Three Little Pigs (7 Inch 78)
Dr Hal * The Birds and the Bees 8
The Jamming Scouts & The Pretty Trumpets * Hello Judy!
Northern Kings * Creep
Dr Hal * Birds and Bees 9
Wesley Willis Fiasco * Jesus is the Answer
World Famous Blue Jays * Ten Pin Boogie
Dr Hal * Birds and Bees 10
Bran Flakes * Go! Go! Up!
Daddy Stovepipe and Mississippi Sarah * The Spasm
Barack Obama * This Shit
Nancy Walker * I Hate Men
Alleee 2


Episode 185: Kickin’ God to da Kurb Part 6, Final

February 13, 2009


Barack Obama * Sorry-Ass Muthufucka
Alleee 1
Julia Sweeney * Letting Go 55
Jean-Jacques Perrey * The Savers
13th Floor Elevators * You’re Gonna Miss Me
Julia Sweeney * Letting Go 56
Bob and Jerry * Ghost Satellite
Annisteen Allen & Her Home Town Boys * I Want a Man (Whose Gonna Do Right By Me)
Letting Go 57
There is a Green Hill
Jack Kerouac * San Francisco Scene
Letting Go 58
Torero Band * 23rd Psalm
The Hellbenders * Gunfight at OK Corral
Letting Go 59
The Day Thou Gavest Lord Has Ended
The Archies * Sugar Sugar
Letting Go 60
Dave Richmond * Movin’ Along
Divine * T-Shirts and Tight Blue Jeans
Alleee * Wet Sticky Dreams
Harry Breuer * March of the Martian
Letting Go 61
Dick Hyman * Losing My Mind
Thomas Fritsch * Der Draht in der Sonne (Witchita Lineman)
Alleee * Stranger Danger
Like Wow!
Deadbolt * Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head
Letting Go 62
Andre Brasseur * Pow-Wow
Al Sherron & the Blue Sky Rangers * Twistin’ is a Funny Thing
Letting Go 63
Wendy Carlos * Wachtet Auf
Jill Sobule * Letting Go of God
Alleee 2


Episode 184: Kickin’ God to da Kurb Part 5

February 7, 2009


Alleee 1
Letting Go 45
Jean Jacques Perrey * The Rose and the Cross
Bruce Haack & Ed Harvey * Child Psychologist
Letting Go 46
Francis Lai * Bestial Theme
Vocomotion * Time
Letting Go 47
Luis E.Bacalov * Lamica
Jamie and the J. Silvia Singers * It’s Not Unusual
Letting Go 48
All-Star Orchestra * I’m Henry the Eighth I Am
Patience & Pridence * Tom Thumb’s Theme
Letting Go 49
Torero Band * Abide With Me
Bart Simpson Promotes Scientology Event on Voicemail
Letting Go 50
April Orchestra * Ha-Ri-Ah
Joey Dixon * Moon Buggy
Letting Go 51
Ananda Shankar * Jumpin’ Jack Flash
Keith Burgun * Oh Nine Eff Nine (a code to crack software DRM feature)
Letting Go 52
Cristina * Is That All There Is?
Stayin’ Inside
Letting Go 53
Syd Dale * Ready Steady Boogaloo
The Fabulous Echoes * Sukiyaki
Letting Go 54
Roger Wolfe Kahn and his Bitmore Orchestra * A Cup of Coffee a Sandwich and You
Phil Harris * The Preacher and the Bear
Alleee 2


Episode 183: Kickin’ God to the Kurb Part 4

February 3, 2009


Letting Go 35
Gid Tanner & his Skillet-Lickers * It Ain’t Gonna Rain No More
Letting Go 36
Syd Dale * Boogaloo Blues
Bob Harrington, Chaplain of Bourbon Street Track 2
Letting Go 37
Steve Gray * Soft-Soled Shoes
Crazy Singing Preacher
Letting Go 38
Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennett * Oddball
Edward Current * Resisting the Urge: A Guide for Christian Boys
Letting Go 39
Steve Gray * Go for Broke
Franklyn Bauer * Crazy Rhythm
Letting Go 40
S Sklair and G Gailbraith * Hubcaps
Keller Sisters * Proud of a Baby Like You
Letting Go 41
Stefano Torossi * Walking in the Dark
Nahid Akhtar * Toune Kaha Aa Aa Aa
Letting Go 42
Syd Dale * Smooth Sailing
Onie Wheeler * Jump Right Out of This Jukebox
letting Go 43
Bruno Nicolai * Evoluzioni
Rex Allen * Rodeo Twist
Letting Go 44
R Rabinowitz * Industrial Man
Sensational Zion Singers * Caught Up to Meet Him
Alleee 2

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