Episode 195: Keeping the Faith

She wants, terribly, to believe; to be comforted. A man, recently a celebrity for doing good, decides that she will be the one he saves. It doesn’t sound too hard, really. She needs to believe. So why does he fuck it up so badly?


Keeping the Faith 1
Alleee 1

Carlo Montez * Go Go Mobile
Stopchildren * Medicinehead 24 hr
Keeping the Faith 2
Henrik Nielsen * Pisces
Maureen McCormick * Ben
Keeping the Faith 3
Syd Dale * Friendly Roaring Dragon
Shari Elf * Ron’s Appliance
Keeping the Faith 4
Ralph Carmichael * Rumble
Syndney Jo Lewis * Boppin’ Grandfather Clock
Keeping the Faith 5
Walter Wanderly * Call Me
Cara Stewart * Song of the Burmese Land
Keeping the Faith 6
The Fortune Tellers * Song of the Nairobi Trio
Fabio * On Inner Beauty
Keeping the Faith 7
La Sinfonica de JB * Papaya
Kidz Bop * Take Me Out!
Keeping the Faith 8
All-Star Orchestra * A Taste of Honey
Eva * Psiu
Keeping the Faith 9
The Synthesizer Sound Machine * Mozart Opus 40
DJ Shadow and Dan “The Automator * Satchidananda
Keeping the Faith 10
Alleee 2

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  1. 1
    Ninja Says:


    I think you’ve got it right on the nose: the world is a messy place, life is messy and there is no rhyme or reason to any of it. Of course the number one question would be – why is there evil if there is a God? Ignoring for the moment that there is no god, the whole business of free will and its relationship to evil absolutely begs the question of god, and again you have hit the nail on the head. What, indeed, do we need god for if we have free will? What exactly would be the point?

    The whole question of a fallen world is very foreign to all other non-christian religions by the way (as you no doubt know) because no other religion has this concept of original sin. Why bother to create Adam and Eve if they’re going to disappoint you and once they’ve disappointed you why not just destroy the world and all its sinners and start over? Oh sorry is that what is supposed to happen with the apocalypse and armageddon? Well then why wait? Why wait god? If god exists, what a stupid idiot he is. Oh sorry – the ways of the superior being are not understandable to us? Then why bother at all believing? If his ways are not penetrable, then why should I waste one moment on it? I’ll tell you why: because there are only about 1.5 billion of us in the world who are self described atheists and the rest believe in god, much to our puzzlement and every moment we have to defend ourselves against this offense to our sensibilities called “belief in a god and all that it means.”

    Oh yes and absolutely you hit another one right on the sweet spot: I have to say it again because I love it: “The search for comfort is not the same as the search for god.” These are indeed and very importantly two very different things. A god is a very terrible thing to believe in. A “bubba meisis (my-sis)” as my mother would say, “an old wive’s tale”, a scary monster thing to tell your children to keep them in line. And then we tell them that it’s ok to believe in the scary monster because they’ll be rewarded when they die by some other fabrication called heaven or resurrection or rebirth as a brahmin or virgins in an afterlife that they can rape with abandon.

    Now: just to remind you where you come from Alleee – remember that your wonderful “Mondo Diablo” that I have been enjoying for 4+ years wouldn’t even exist if it were not for belief in god. How’s that for a slap in the face.

    (a reference: http://www.adherents.com/Religions_By_Adherents.html)

  2. 2
    Ninja Says:

    sorry remove the “)” and the link will work


  3. […] There doesn’t have to be.  But that is not the subject of this post.   I am responding to her episode number 195 of Mondo Diablo where a believer says that the number one question of non-believers is “Why is […]

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