Episode 196: Crackpots are Like That

The clips in this week’s show are from a terrible, terrible “educational” film full of LIES! LIES I tell you. Plus, it’s narrated by Anita Bryant. What more do I have to say?

All week, I’ve been harrassed by a woman whose trying to save my soul. This tells you all you need to know about me. I’m trying to break her. I WANT TO LEAVE HER FAITH IN JAGGED PIECES AT HER FEET!. On to the playlist:

Drugs are like that 1
Alleee 1
Julius Wechter and the Baja Marimba Band * I Say a Little Prayer
Benoît Charest * Belleville Rendez-Vous
Drugs are Like That 2
Wendy Carlos * Two-Part Invention in A Minor
Norel Pref, Alleee, Ray Comfort and Aaron Kinney * You Can Have the Banana
Drugs are Like That 3
Geoff Love & his Orchestra * Guantanamera
Shari Elf * Jesus at the Hardware Store
Drugs are Like That 4
Alleee plays with a sequencer 1
Winterband * Shame Shame Shame
Drugs are Like That 5
Georgio Moroder * The Legend of Babel
Eartha Kitt * C’est si Bon
Drugs are Like That 6
Alleee Plays with a sequencer 5
Kidz Bop Kidz * Hey-Ya!
Drugs are Like That 7
Clara Rockmore * Stravinsky’s Berceuse
Milo Turk * No Sex Allowed
Drugs are Like That 8
Alleee Plays with a Sequencer 2
Hollywood Squares Zinger
Drugs are Like That 9
Red River Valley
Mylene Farmer * Moi Lolita
Robot 419 Scammer
All-Star Orchestra * A Taste of Honey
Rudy Rosa * Spiders and Snakes
L Ron Hubbard * R2-45
Alleee 2


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  1. 1

    Some people like to save stamps or seeds. Others… souls.

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