Episode 201: Carradine

I made a tribute show for David (and John) Carradine, with emphasis on one of my favorite shows of all time, Kung Fu.


Kung Fu 1
Alleee 1
Jim Helms * The Search
Sonny Cash * Psychic Cigarette
Kung Fu 2
Jim Helms * Caine’s Theme
Alan Scott * Bopping in Flip Flops
Kung Fu 3
Jim Helms * The Ancient Warrior
Bobby Womack * Tried and Convicted
Kung Fu 4
Jim Helms * Alethia
John Carradine with Ray Gregory and the Melmen * Night Train to Mundo Fine
Kung Fu 5
Jim Helms * Grasshopper
Ralph Lowe * Joe Goes Disco
Kung Fu 6
Jim Helms * Dark Angel
Johnny Whitaker * Friends
Kung Fu 7
Jim Helms * King of the Mountain
Walter Brennen * Life Gits Tee-Jus, Ain’t It?
Kung Fu 8
Alan Tew * The Fence
Norel Pref * Bob is my Rosebud
Kung Fu 9
Alan Hawkshaw * Organ Mania
Cleo * Et Moi, Et Toi, Et Soie
Kung Fu 10
X-Day Trailer 2
Four-Letter Words
Alleee 2

If you can snatch this DOWNLOAD from my hand, only then will you be ready to hear it.

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