Mondo Diablo Episode 203: God is Gonna Get You! Christian Love on YouTube

As you know, I made a YouTube video (that currently has over 140,000 views) about the immoral lesson taught in the Noah’s Ark story. Last week on Hellbound Alleee I talked about some anxiety/OCD issues I have, some involving the fear of reading possible negative comments or emails on blogs and message boards. I promised I’d make a podcast with me reading those comments from my Noah’s Ark video, as a sort of confront therapy. Here is that podcast.

This one’s heavy on Hot Old-Timey blues and jazz.


Neg Comment 1
Alleee 1
Billy Banks and his Rhythmmakers * Bugle Call Rag
Elle Est Terrible
Neg Comment 2
Jack (The Bear) Parker * I Need You, I Want You
Mills Blue Rhythm Band * Feelin’ Gay
Neg Comment 3
Marco Calneneck * Life on Ceres
Orquesta Mondragón * El Hotel Azul
Neg Comment 4
Ralph Lowe * Becky
Norel Pref * 100% BS
Neg Comment 5
Ziab Rajab * King of Time
Whispering Jack Smith * Poor Papa
Neg Comment 6
Andrea Carroll * Gee Dad
Charlie McCoy * I’ve Been Blue Ever Since You Went Away
Neg Comment 7
Glen Miller * ‘SWonderful
Gregory Brothers * Lift up Your Hearts
Neg Comment 8
Sigur Ros * Viorar Vel Til Loftarasa
The Walkie Talkie Monsters * When I Think of You
Neg Comment 9
Feiruz * Ya Ana Ya Ana
Treniers * Poon Tang
Neg Comment 10
Thompson’s Hawaiian Trio * Chimes
Alleee 2


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