Episode 204: Meat is Life

This is the film from The American Meat Concern, or Institute or something.


Beau Hunks * Our Gang Music
This is Life 1
Alleee 1
Billy May * Goin’ Out of my Head
Shirley and Lee * Let the Good Times Roll
This is Life 2
Ennio Morricone * Giocoso, Gioioso
Tom James * Sample of Your Love
This is Life 3
Bernard Hermann * The Earth
Fanfarlo * Ghosts
This is Life 4
Frank Popp Ensemble * You’ve Been Gone Too Long
Delta Rhythm Boays * Get on Board, Little Children
This is Life 5
Enoch Light * Watermelon Man
Monique and Louis Aldebert * Never on a Sunday
This is Life 6
Billy Banks and his Rhythmakers * Yes, Suh
Norel Pref * Acolytes Out
This is Life 7
The Ray Charles Singers * Desafinado
Lecuona Cuban Boys * Tra-Ka-Tra
This is Life 8
Jim and Bob * By the Waters of the Minnetonka
Tracky Birthday * Free Dshimi
This is Life 9
Johnny Horton * Mean, Mean Son of a Gun
RIAA * That’s a-Funky
This is Life 10
Alleee 2


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