Mondo Diablo Episode 207: How to be a No-Good, Dirty, Rotten, Child-Abuser, with James Dobson

This week, Dobson and friends determine how to tell if your child is involved in SATANISM. This usually involves listening to that ROCK AND/OR ROLL MUSIC.


Possession 1
Alleee 1
Bernard Herman * Prelude
Jake Porter Combo * Go Slowly Out of Your Mind
Possession 2
Ennio Morricone * La Bambola
Frank Popp Ensemble * Business and Pleasure
Possession 3
Howard McGhee * Stardust
Fanfarlo * Comets
Possession 4
Messer Chups * Miss Surf
The Midas Touch * Darling Lili
Possession 5
Benny Carter and his Orchestra * Uff Dah!
Captain Kirk is Climbing the Mountain
Possession 6
Davey Crackpot and his Mexican Jumping Beans * Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White
Don and Dewey * Jungle Hop
Possession 7
Smith Wallbridge Summer Camps * Hogan’s Heros
Marge Singleton * Telstar
Possession 8
101 Strings * Orbit Fantasy (Inside Looking Out)
John Wayne * The Hyphen
Possession 9
Lecuona Cuban Boys * Rumba Negre
Light Crust Doughboys * 5-16-36
Possession 10
alleee 2


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