Mondo Diablo Episode 208: Step Right Up!

This show is about medicine shows and patent medicines. I’m reading a label I found over at Sideshow World.


Chief White Eagle 1
Alleee 1
Ron Grainer and his Orchestra * A Man in a Suitcase
Jerry Jericho * You’re a Bad Little Girl
Chief White Eagle 2
Tampa Red * Worried Devil Blues
Tes Tendres Annes
Chief White Eagle 3
Ennio Morricone * La Lucertola
Tommy Johnson * Alcohol and Jake Blues
Chief White Eagle 4
LeCuona Cuban Boys * Dime Adios
Cliff Carlisle * Prepare Me O Lord
Chief White Eagle 5
Waikiki Swingsters * Snaperoo
Charlie Jackson * Shave ‘Em Dry
Chief White Eagle 6
Charlie McCoy and Bo Carter * Mississippi I’m Longing for You
Everything is Terrible * Look What God Made
Chief White Eagle 7
Swingle Singers * Aria by Bach
Gnags * Mr. Swing King
Chief White Eagle 8
Sonny James * Apache
The T-Bones * No Matter What Shape Your Stomach’s In
Chief White Eagle 9
Bulgarian Shepherdess Song
Tyke plays Folsom Prison Blues
Chief White Eagle 10
Alleee 2



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