Mondo Diablo Episode 219: Gloomy Sunday and; Is THIS the real Erzsébet Báthory?

Several versions of a 30’s Hungarian “Suicide Song,” “Gloomy Sunday, flank the Aliens Abduct Bigfoot Network’s (A&E’s) “The Most Evil Women in History: Elizabeth Bathory. But was she what they said she was, and, what did they even say?

BBC Article


Alleee 1
Damia * Sombre Dimanche
Bathory 2
Anthony LaVey * Gloomy Sunday
Bathory 3
Artie Shaw * Gloomy Sunday
Bathory 5
Billie Holliday * Gloomy Sunday
Bathory 6
Kettie Lester * Gloomy Sunday
Bathory 7
Paul Robeson * Gloomy Sunday
Bathory 8
Paul Whiteman Orchestra * Gloomy Sunday
Bathory 9
The Revelers * Gloomy Sunday
Bathory 10
Pyotr Leschenko * Gloomy Sunday
Saint-Saens * Dans Macabre


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