Mondo Diablo Episode 221: Tepes in a Teapot

The life and times of Vlad “Dracula” Tepes, the Impaler, Turk-destroyer extraordinaire.


Tepes 1
Alleee 1
Dublxero * Halloween Hassle
Tepes 2
Sid Bass * The House is Haunted
Pimp Daddy Supreme * Snap Yo Specials
Tepes 3
Mozart * Requiem-Lacrimosa
Christine Pilzer * Dracula
Tepes 4
Carl Orff * O Fortuna!
Bug * Pump up the Creepers
Tepes 5
Tomita * Uranus from The Planets
Henry Burr * Peerless Quartet
Tepes 6
Bauhaus * St Vitus Dance
Tepes 7
Dan Russo and his Oriole Orchestra * T’ain’t No Sin
Tepes 8
Saint-Saens * Fossils from Carnival of the Animals
Tepes 9
Martin Denny * Girlfriend of the whirling Dervish
Tepes 10


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