Mondo Diablo Episode 233: Theatre of the Slightly Sinister; with your host G.E. Marshall

This week, while I recover, Francois will step in with a tale somewhat well-calculated to keep you somewhere close to the edge of your seat.


Slightly Sinister1
Danny Kaye * I Paid my Income Tax Today
Enturbulator 009 * One of Us
Slightly Sinister 2
The LeeVees * How do you Spell Chanukkah?
Kahli Bahlu * How Can I Tell My Guru?
Slightly Sinister 3
Nine Inch Nails * Closer (Super Mario Remix)
Of Montreal * I Wish You Were Born a Girl
Slightly Sinister 4
Portal * Still Alive
Portland Judy * Treasures in Heaven
Slightly Sinister 5
Raffi * Banana Phone
Scientology-Ron’s Journal * Wall of Fire
Slightly Sinister 6
Of Montreal * You are an Airplane
Russ Burgess * The Burgess Method
Slightly Sinister 7
Stark Effect * Without a Ray of Light
Francois * Abstract Piece
Slightly Sinister 8
Holy Jerusalem
Symphony of Science * We are All Connected
Slightly Sinister 9
We Want to Fish for Men
Khali Bahlu * Lonely Teardrops
Slightly Sinister 10



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