Mondo Diablo Episode 246: Francois Tremblay Presents How to Fire People


This week, Francois contributes to the International Hellbound Alleee Network Company Limited (IHANKL), with a cassette from Hunter Lott on interviewing and firing staff. Very timely, Francois. Very timely.


Social Security- Hi Bye
Hunter Lott 1
Fantastic Plastic Machine- It’s Jazzy!
The Psycho Skeletons- Angel Vision
Hunter Lott 2
Buffy the Vampire Slayer- I’m Under Your Spell
?- Wonder
Hunter Lott 3
Queen- We Will Rock You (Songsmith remix)
?- Slim-Fast Revolution
Hunter Lott 4
MC Frontalot- It Is Pitch Dark
Fantastic Plastic Machine- MPF
Hunter Lott 5
?- Through Jewish Eyes
unknown- Thank You God
Hunter Lott 6
The Psycho Skeletons- Another Dobbs Barrage
Le Tigre- My My Metrocard
Hunter Lott 7
Christopher Scott- I’ll Never Fall In Love Again
unknown- I Am Going To Where Jesus Is
Hunter Lott 8
John Carradine- Night Train to Mundo Fine
?- The Ignorant Cowboy VD
Hunter Lott 9
RIAA- The Dynamic Show Ever Being Gave
Franc 2


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