Mondo Diablo Episode 251: Ohhhhhh, You Laugh Now…But You Dead Later

Francois presents angry emails from a mugu to his Guyman, who is, of course, a scambaiter. Courtesy of


Uzodinma Okpechi * I Go Chop Your Dollar
Franc 1
Sir Christopher Scott * Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on my Head
The Bobbettes * Rock and Ree Ah Zole
Guyman 1
Irving Fields Trio * Bublitchki
The Bran Flakes * Fifty Four Fifty
The Bran Flakes * What It’s All About
Guyman 2
Isao Tomita * Hora Staccato
Jean-Jacques Perrey * Hello Dolly!
Guyman 3
Dieter Reith * Lift Off
Of Montreal * Tim, I Wish You Were a Girl
Guyman 4 * We Are the Baiters
Le Mur * PR Gnus 1202
Guyman 5
Le Mur- PR Gnus 1204
Game Over * Punch-Out Theme (metal remix)- Little Mac’s Confession
Guyman 6
A-Ha- Take on Me (literal video version)
Cult Music of Northern Brasil * Exu’
Guyman 7
Enturbulator009 * Make Money Make More Money
Charles Manson * Cease to Exist
Guyman 8
Homer and Jethro * Great Men Repeat Themselves
They Might Be Giants * The Sun is a Mass of Incandescent Gas
Franc 2


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