Mondo Diablo Episode 254: Drugs

With all the new information out there about brain chemistry and mood alteration from food and environment, the idea of The Dangers of Narcotics seems pretty retro to me. So that’s why I made an episode about drugs. Enjoy.


Drug PSA 1
Mondo Drug Intro
Alleee 1
Junker Blues
Timothy Leary Promo
His Kids * God Song
Jean-Pierre Decerf & Gérard Zajd * Reaching the Infinite
Drug PSA 2
The Jetsons * Space Crazy
Crack Crack Crack
Ambienteer * Ecclesia
Drug PSA 3
Os Mutantes * Panis et Circenses
Deep Purple PSA
Hal Blaine * Tune In, Turn On
Drug PSA 4
Los Calis * Heroina
Mr. T
Brian Bennett * Ergon
Drug PSA 5
Stuff Smith and his Onyx Club Boys * You’re a Viper
Jesus Wore Designer Clothes
The Electronic Concept Orchestra * Aquarius
Drug PSA 6
Peppermint Harris * I Got Loaded
Jim Jones
Joe Renzetti and Toni Luisi * Sparks
Drug PSA 7
Marvin and Johnny * Smack, Smack
Let’s Open our Little Golden Books
101 Strings * Trippin’ On Lunar 7
Motives * I Can Hear Colors
Teen Challenge Choir * Mary Jane
Mental Health Matters
Flavia and the Motonets * Asopiram
Show Steve a Good Time
Dick Shawn * Love Power
Modern Mountaineers * Mary Jane
No Drugs No Way!
Alleee 2


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