Mondo Diablo Episode 282: Let Us Play at Exorcism!

This week, our old friend Bob Larson tries to pull off some amazingly New Age therapy on some gay men. It includes the assumption that they hate their fathers, and when that doesn’t pan out, they hate their mothers. I suppose if this guy had hated his father, he would have pulled out some old men out of the audience to help with his routine, and it would have been a big male affection festival. Which is really gay.


Let Us Play At Exorcism 1
Reuben Reeves * Parson Blues
Let Us Play At Exorcism2
Luis E Bacalov * Lamica
Darwin Breweries
Whispering Jack Smith * Baby Face
Let Us Play At Exorcism3
Red Nichols and his Five Pennies * Sweet Georgia Brown
Brother Joe May and the Pilgrim Travelers * It Didn’t Cost Very Much
Let Us Play At Exorcism4
Andy Alona and his Novelty Four * That Lovin’ Hula
Diane Renay * Man of Mystery
Let Us Play At Exorcism5
Nino Rota * Jeanette of the Spirits
U.S. Plus
Irving Aaronson and his Commanders * I’m Just Wild About Animal Crackers
Let Us Play At Exorcism6
Rufus Hofbagger * All You Need is Toys
Brasil ’66 * Mas Que Nada
Let Us Play At Exorcism7
Witchita Lineman
Lucky Duck Garage
Nora Orlandi * A Doppia Faccia
Let Us Play At Exorcism8
Rockwell Blake * Rossini * Duo Des Chats
Pam Miller * The Marine Corps Builds Men
Let Us Play At Exorcism9
The Otis Skilling Singers * The Lord Above
Cleary & Harding * We no Speak Americano
Let Us Play At Exorcism10
Alleee 2



  1. 1
    maureen Says:

    Being a watcher of Bobbie E. Larson since 1985 and the only member left of the Bob Larson Fan Club who still keeps an eye out for BL-zee-Bubba, I would like to hear more of your claim that he is currently ” under investigation.” As for his anti-gay stance, I could cite you a number of instances I recorded in my log books while listening to his show of how extremely homophobic he is. There was one show he did where he voiced how he was going to vomit while his co-hots Bobbie Bell was interviewing three transvestites. Apparently Bobbie saw them without realizing the were men dressed as women and his “womanizing” nature at the time rose to the sight.

  2. 2
    alleee Says:

    You made me check, and it seems that Bob Larson WAS under investigation over 4 years ago. D’OH! Edited out.

  3. 3
    Dave Says:

    Witchita Lineman – brother?

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