Mondo Diablo Episode 290: Christmas for Mutants

Well folks, this is the home stretch. Christmas is headed towards that glorious week before New Year’s, where everyone except shoppers who wish to bring their children with them to vex me and give me a headache are relaxing, eating turkey sandwiches, and watching sports. May you all enjoy something good next week; maybe some depressing foreign films? Or you could be like Francois and I, and make it a Christmas tradition to watch The Room. Something decidedly not Christmassy. I guess I’m one of those people who spends so much of her brain on Christmas for the second six months of the year that, by the time it gets here I am ready for daffodils and tulips. No more snow, please. Had enough. What I am really ready for is some rest. I’m working on a helluvah chest cold and I fear that once I rest and relax on Christmas day, after everything is over, it’s going to rip into me–even though I have to work at 3 am on the 26th. Isn’t that just peachy?


1-A Very Terrible Christmas
Alleee 1
Daryl Westfall * A New Horizon in Music
Corporal Blossom * The Christmas Song
2-The Baby Bob
No-L * Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Grassy Noll * Silver Bells
3-Decorate a Tree
Dan Marshall and Tommy’s Chorus * Randi the Handy Elf
Dan the Automator * Jingle Bells
4-Christmas Songs
DJ Tabernacle * Enjoy the Silent Night
Go Home Productions * Carpenters Christmas (Karen Meets Roots Radics Uptown)
5-Hans Hates Christmas
My First Earthquake * Holiday Sweaters
1 More Shopping Day!
The Baby Dolls * The Bell That Wouldn’t Jingle
6-Look at Frosty Go!
Tijuana Voices * Deck the Halls
ToTom * Rudolph the Paranoid Reindeer
7-Merry Fuckin’ Christmas
The FSO * Duck Fat Turkey
Johnny “Bowtie” Barstow * Joy To The World
Cactus Jim and the Wranglers * A Merry Merry Christmas to You
Rudolph, You Don’t Have to Put on the Red Light
Hoosier Hot Shots * Jingle Bells 1936
Vernon Dalhart * Santa Claus, That’s Me!
10-The True Meaning of Christmas
HP Lovecraft Historical Society * Awake, Ye Scary Olde Great Ones
HP Lovecraft Historical Society * Away in a Madhouse
11-Christmas with the Davenports
Alleee 2
Eddie Cantor * The Only Thing I Want for Christmas


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