Mondo Diablo Episode 292: Mugu’s Guide to the Galaxy

Find the entire book, A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy read by a 419 Scammer, at . I kept it short, so your ears won’t get too tired.


Hitchhiker 1
Alleee 1
Andre Popp * La Campanella
Animals Within Animals * Billy Ray’s All Purpose Product
Hitchhiker 2
Anthony Mawer * Undercover Girl
Norel Pref * Black Bible
Hitchhiker 3
Midas Touch * Modern Times
Chantal Renaud * Plattsburgh Drive-Inn Blues
Hitchhiker 4
Camille Sauvage * Prospective
Einstein’s Secret Orchestra * The Iodine 131
Hitchhiker 5
Chorus and Disco Company * Alfred Wsrod Ptakow
Peppermint Wad * Magic Bullet
Hitchhiker 6
Dick Hyman * The Legend of Johnny Pot
Jackie Vernon * Stardust
Hitchhiker 7
Dorimak-Tamborelli-Morfina * Dedicated to the Beatles
Stereo Total * I Am Naked
Hitchhiker 8
Harlem Pop Trotters * La Baraka Du Baraque
The Free Design * Bubbles
Hitchhiker 9
Jean-Jacques Perrey and Daniel Longuein * Kartoon Power
Pop Concerto Orchestra * Pop Concerto
Hitchhiker 10
Andre Brasseur * The Duck
Alleee 2
Norel Pref * Breaking the Ninth Commandment


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