Mondo Diablo Episode 299: It’s a Conspiracy

This is a two-parter, so today you’ll be getting the first half of “It’s a Conspiracy,” which includes clips from The Hitler Channel’s “Secret Societies,” with crazy old David Icke. Now, some of you may be familiar with Icke from Alex Jones and the like, so you may not know that Icke thinks there’s a race of alien lizard people disguising themselves as powerful leaders. He really thinks this. Hey–some people are so incredulous about this claim, they’d prefer to believe Icke means “Jews” when he says “Lizard.” Quoth David Icke, “Sometimes a lizard is just a lizard.”


Conspiracy 1
Alleee 1
Ludwig and the Classics * Secret Service
George McCoy * The Ballad of Candy Barr
Conspiracy 2
Norel Pref * Cut a Deal with the Devil
Ivan Stang on Conspiracy 1
Conspiracy 3
Laurindo Almeida & the Danzaneros * Big Town
Sonny Marshall * The Saddest Story
Conspiracy 4
Jay Darrow * Reflections on the Life of an Assassin
Ivan Stang on Conspiracy 2
Conspiracy 5
Billy May * The Man with the Golden Arm
Ron Ormand * Step on Jesus!
Conspiracy 6
The Top Secret Duel Food Standard
Ivan Stang on Conspiracy 3
Conspiracy 7
Elliott Fisher * Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Tom Lee * Ballad of Jimmy Hoffa
Conspiracy 8
Alberto Rivera * Jesuit Conspiracy
Ivan Stang on Conspiracy 4
Conspiracy 9
Elmer Bernstein * Staccatto’s Theme
Ravi Zacharias * Atheist Satanism Exposed!
Conspiracy 10
Alleee 2



  1. 1
    Icarus Says:

    I listen to Alex Jones and David Icke regularly, and I just want you to know that you are STUPID, EVIL, and WRONG. You are making a mockery of something that is VERY serious!

    Alex Jones and David Icke agree that the Illuminati bloodline goes all the way back to Alpha Draconis and the planet of the Annunaki, known to us as Nibiru or Sol Niger. Everyone who is awake knows this, but the sad thing about it is that no one who MOCKS THE TRUTH understands the metaphor!

    Alien DNA or dragon blood or whatever you want to call it are spiritual metaphors that describe the spiritual heritage of the power elite! It doesn’t matter if you don’t think that aliens visited the earth and taught people about pyramids and the occult! That’s still up for debate! David Icke just points out the symbols relating to that supposed event that the Illuminati use! The TRUTH is that this is what the Illuminati believe about themselves, and whether they’re Jesuits, Reptiles, Freemasons, Jews or Satanists, their blood is tainted by evil. There is something wrong with their souls. They’re cultivating sociopathy and psychopathy amongst themselves. That’s why they inbreed. That’s why they have DEMON BLOOD!

    Alex Jones will hear of this. He’ll call you stupid and evil and scum, too, and then I bet you’ll feel really bad about yourself! You enemy of America!

    You know, by mocking the Illuminati, you’re only helping them. Satan doesn’t want you to believe that he exists, either. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Unless you read those books by that heretic Victor Stenger.

    May Jesus Bless Your Guts Out.

  2. 2
    alleee Says:

    Thank you so much! I was hoping for a comment on this one, and yours is the best I could have hoped for!

    Especially the “enemy of America” thing, because I always thought of myself that way, but nobody has ever had the balls to say it to me. I AM an Enemy of America, especially Guam, and Mexico. I like Canada sort of, though.

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