Mondo Diablo Episode 309: The Saga of the O’Hairs

Happy Belated Podcast everyone. Update: I no speak on radio, but show coming soon. I’ll try to record it and put up an mp3. Enjoy a depressing report on the O’Hair story.


O’Hair 1
Alleee 1
Memphis Jug Band * I Whipped my Woman
Ted Gossett’s String Band
O’Hair 2
Twelve Gates to the City * New Orleans Humming Four
Firesign * Art of the Insane 1
Harry Breuer * Space Express
O’Hair 3
Oscar Aleman * Jeepers Creepers
Joe Renzetti & Tony Luisi * Pinball Wizard
O’Hair 4
Ted Lewis * Egyptian Ella
Firesign * Art of the Insane 2
Pierre Arvay * All Day Long
O’Hair 5
Oscar Aleman * I Got Rhythm
Tim Maloney * Bryll Creme
O’Hair 6
Angela Bofil
Ralph Soilsport 1
Scilitian Adams * Brandenbourg
O’Hair 7
M Slick da Ninja * Sex Sells but Whose Buying?
Spaghetti Head * Funky Axe
O’Hair 8
Carl Sagan
Ralph Spoilsport 2
Billy Vaughan * Wheels
O’Hair 9
Echoes * A Chilcken Ain’t Nothin’ but a Bird
Ernie Kovacs * Oriental Blues
O’Hair 10
Alleee 2


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