Mondo Diablo Episode 315: Scaring the Hippies with John Waters

I’m back from hospital for the second time, this time, hopefully, for good. But probably not. This week, Joy Behar interviews John Waters, and I rant.


John Waters 1
Alleee 1
Louis Dumaine’s Jazzola * Eight-to-Wah-Bac-A-Wah
Pr Gnus 1
Heavenly Gospel Singers * Dip Your Finger in the Water
John Waters 2
Josef Mikulas, Franz Zrust * Weiner Heurigan Marsch
Ernest Tubb * It’s America: Love it or Leave it
John Waters 3
Barney Kessel’s All-Stars * Atom Buster
PR Gnus 2
Jean-Jacques Perrey * E.V.A.
John Waters 4
Marty Gold & Donald Hulme * Main Theme from “Tommy”
Juanitos * Strange Italian Song
John Waters 5
Mike Mandel, Clark Ferguson, Carlo Curley * Funky Wah
PR Gnus 3
Lazy Town Theme Stephanie * Bing Bang
John Waters 6
True Blues Traveling Dance Band * Mame
Steve Barger & the Altruists * My God Don’t Take no Crap
John Waters 7
Billy Banks & his Rhythmmakers 1932 * Mean Ol Bed Bug Blues
PR Gnus 4
Outer Limits * The Sixth Finger
Scatman Crothers * Baby Won’t You Please Come Home
John Waters 8
Rockin’ with the Rockets * Efferge Ware
Selling My Birthright
John Waters 9
Irving Fields Trio * My Hometown Girl
PR Gnus 5
Vassar G-Stringers * The Pig Song
John Waters 10
Alleee 2


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