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Mondo Diablo Episode 356 * Beware the Yeti

September 21, 2012

Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious Universe hunts the elusive Yeti, and I go off on a feminist rant. So shrill. So goddamned shrill.


Yeti 1
Dionne Warwick * Message to Michael
Abdul Hassan Orchestra * Disco Arab
Yeti 2
Bryan Fischer on Bi Pride Day
Mike Hadge * Nostalgia Makes Shitty Things Seem Good
Yeti 3
Jackson * Gay Marriage will Open the Door to All Kinds of Crazy Stuff
Bo Carter * Please Warm my Weiner
Yeti 4
Jacobs * Obama’s Views
Pam Todd and Love Exchange * Popeye Disco
Yeti 5
Joyner * Our Prayers Regrow Amputated Limbs
1995 Internet PSA
Yeti 6
Pat Robertson on Atheists
Randy Newman * I’m Dreaming of a White President
Yeti 7
Pat Robertson on Gay Rights Activists
Russ Garcia * Monsters of Jupiter
Yeti 8
Shady Stevens * The Dunreith Accident
The Ben Champion Trio * Fool on the Hill
Yeti 9
Women Voters of the 50’s
The Mutant Mountain Boys * Bob is Watching Us
Yeti 10
Alleee 2


The Kris Kringl Shoppe

September 13, 2012

I took a short trip up to the mountains today, to get out of the smoke a little. I went to a Christmas store in the Bavarian town of Leavenworth, Washington. I took a few pictures.

What has Alleee Been Up To?

September 12, 2012

Those of you who know I live in the Wenatchee Valley also may know that the valley is currently on fire. My house was only nominally at risk, since I live in one of the canyons where the lightning struck. I got to experience evacuation for the first time in my life. We grabbed Xenu and checked into a Super Eight. They “happily welcome your pet,” so that was good. Thank “Bob” for disposable litter boxes!

Anyway, I’m still hearing helicopters and we still get stopped at the base of the canyon by the police, but I am now home. The air quality is listed as “very unhealthy” by the county health department, and we are all getting sinus infections and feeling nausea, but are otherwise happy to be home.

See, this is why I hate summer. Freaking summer lightning storms in a desert equals disaster.

Mondo Diablo Episode 355: User, Boozer, LOSER!

September 2, 2012

Part two of the Florrie Saga, with two questions from Redditors.


Candy 11
Alleee 1
The Moog Machine * Let the Sunshine In
Alvis Wayne * I Gottum
Candy 12
The Sound of Criss Cross/J.S. Bach * Badinerie
TV Magic * Be a Better Magician
Candy 13
Dennis Coffey and the Detroit Guitar Band * Love and Understanding
Bo Carter * Banana in Your Fruitbasket
Candy 14
The Moog Synthesizer With the Camerata Contemporary Chamber Orchestra * Chapitres Tournes En Tous- I Celle Qui Parle Trop
Song a Day # 1340 * Clint Eastwood Talkin’ to a Chair
Candy 15
Carmen Dragon Conducting the Glendale Symphony Orchestra * Night Fever
If you think you can or you think you can’t. you’re absolutely right.
Candy 16
Paul Durango * Zero
The Liberated Wailing Wall * Jesus’ Holy Name
Candy 17
Peter Nero * Soulful Strut
Jacques Dutronc * L’ARSÈNE
Candy 18
Georges Raudi et son Orchestre * Stercok
Mina Mazzini * Mi Sei Scoppiato Dentro al Core
Pastor Todd Bentley
Cotton Pickers * Sweet Georgia Brown
Crooked Creek Crickets * Psalm 100
Alleee 2