What has Alleee Been Up To?

Those of you who know I live in the Wenatchee Valley also may know that the valley is currently on fire. My house was only nominally at risk, since I live in one of the canyons where the lightning struck. I got to experience evacuation for the first time in my life. We grabbed Xenu and checked into a Super Eight. They “happily welcome your pet,” so that was good. Thank “Bob” for disposable litter boxes!

Anyway, I’m still hearing helicopters and we still get stopped at the base of the canyon by the police, but I am now home. The air quality is listed as “very unhealthy” by the county health department, and we are all getting sinus infections and feeling nausea, but are otherwise happy to be home.

See, this is why I hate summer. Freaking summer lightning storms in a desert equals disaster.


  1. 1
    wobbles Says:

    Despite the inconvenience, under the circumstances I guess you’re one of the lucky ones We’re going into the same bushfire season here soon but with an increasing degree of dread evey year.
    Glad to hear you’re OK. Take care.

  2. 2

    I hear that open bags of coffee and open boxes of baking soda help, somewhat.

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