Mondo Diablo Episode 358: The Incoherence of Satan by Todd Gates

Satan isn’t who they say he is, and Todd Gates will tell you why.


Satan 1
Alleee 1
Jerry Goldsmith * Poltergeist Theme
Griz Green * Jam at the Mortuary
Satan 2
Bob and Ray * In the Round Room
Tim Curry * Anything can Happen on Halloween
Satan 3
Bob Rosengarden and Phil Kraus * Satan Takes a Holiday
Ruth Roberts, Bill Katz and Gene Piller * Twinkle Twinkle Candlelight
Satan 4
Comic Book Goddess * The Zombie Connection
Dan W Quinn * More Work for the Undertaker
Satan 5
James Newton Howard * The Sixth Sense
Fats Waller and His Rhythm * Dry Bones
Satan 6
Hans Conreid * Monster Rally
Madame St. Onge * La Fille d’Ipanema
Satan 7
Dick Jacobs * Theme from Tarantula
Paragon Revealed Sings us Another Song
Satan 8
George Olsen and His Music * T’Ain’t No Sin
The New Age Movement Threatens us All
Satan 9
Stan Kenton * Ride of the Valkyrie
The Zone of Eternal Evil
Satan 10
Alleee 2


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