Mondo Diablo Episode 360: The Thanksgiving That Almost Wasn’t

This Thanksgiving, enjoy listening to a program about seventeenth-century squirrel ancestors.


Thanks 1
Danny Kaye and the Andrews Sisters * Over the River and Through the Woods
Fanny Brice * Cooking Breakfast for the One I Love
Thanks 2
PDQ Bach * Then Asked He from The Seasonings, S. 1/2 tsp
Mr. F Le Mur * Area Turkeys
Bran Flakes * Cool Fresh Apple Cider
Thanks 3
Woody Guthrie * I’ll Eat You, I’ll Drink You
Chicken Hearts
Nat King Cole * Save the Bones for Henry Jones
Thanks 4
Mister Indian
Cum on Your Toast
The ECC * Dinner
Thanks 5
Eck Robinson * Turkey in the Straw
Andrews Sisters * Shortnin Bread
Thanks 6
The Ross Sisters * Solid Potato Salad
Let’s Eat
The Four Clefs * I Like Pie, I Like Cake
Thanks 7
Family Guy * It’s a Wonderful Day for Pie
Fats Waller * Hold Tight
Thanks 8
Carol King * Chicken Soup with Rice
The ECC * Breakfast
Unknown Chinese Group * Jambalaya
Thanks 9
Queen Bee BBQ
Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
Herb Alpert * Whipped Cream
Alleee 2


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