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Mondo Diablo 385: I’m the Prisoner of Christmas Island

December 25, 2014

It’s one in the morning on Christmas morning, and I am working on this podcast. I, like everyone at this house, have a cold. Yet here I am. Dedication, wot? anyway, I hope you enjoy Batman and Wonder Woman in exciting Christmas situations.


Superhero 1
Alleee 1
Howie Stevie * If you Knew How Long I’ve Been So Good for Christmas
Jack Brokenshaw Quintet * We Three Kings
Superhero 2
Fundy 1
Peppermint Kandy Kids * Patapan
Peter Wood Singers and Orchestra * A Ride on Santa’s Sleigh
Superhero 3
Joe “Fingers” Carr * March of the Chinese Children
Sammy Davis Jr. * Christmas Time all Over the World
Superhero 4
Sugarland * Nuttin’ For Christmas
Jeff and Sue Mitchell * Buzzy the Christmas Bee
Superhero 5
Fundy 2
Klezmonauts * Deck the Hall with Boughs of Challa
Ray Conniff Singers * Winter Wonderland
Superhero 6
Fundy 3
The Caroleerss * Who’s up on the Roof
Ace Cannon * Let it Snow
Superhero 7
Fundy 4
Jimmy McGriff * Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town
Augie Rios * Old Fatso
Superhero 8
Fundy 5
Benny Strong * Here Comes Santa Claus
Children’s Choir * Cat is in the Snow
Superhero 9
Fundy 6
Woody Herman and His Orchestra * Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town
CLM Industries * Santa’s Factoree
Superhero 10
Fundy 7
Alleee 2
Doreen Allen * Spacey Santa’s Space Ship
Alleee 2


Mondo Diablo 384: My Elf Sacrifice

December 20, 2014

I’m reading this awesome book about Christmas Origins, and I think some of you might like it.

Old Magic of Christmas by Linda Raedisch

I chose part of a chapter on elves, since my mouth dropped open more there than in the pages before. Who knows; I haven’t finished the book!


Elf Lore 1
Alleee 1
Jeff St Pierre and Phillip Antoniades * Deck the Halls with Rubber
Disneyland * Scary Bells
Elf Lore 2
Sounds Alumni * Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Taylor Hollenbeck * A Year of Snow
Elf Lore 3
Peppermint Pony * Deck the Halls
Sherwin Linton * Santa got a DWI
Elf Lore 4
Harry the Hipster * Deck the Hall
Benny Goodman * Jingle Bells
Elf Lore 5
Ambrose Haley and his Ozark Ramblers * Old Timey Christmas
Swingle Singers * White Christmas
Elf Lore 6
Evans quartet * Jingle Bells
Doctor Octoroc * Deck the Kremlin
Elf Lore 7
Arthur Lyman * Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Paul Mauriat * Silent Night (French)
Elf Lore 8
Naomi and Shamine * Deck the Halls with Gasoline
Sprauny Christmas Jingles * Tijuana Jingle Brass
Elf Lore 9
Combustible Edison * Sleigh Ride
The Youngsters * Christmas in Jail
Elf Lore 10
Alleee 2


Fixed: Mondo Diablo 383: Origins 101: Remedial Christmas

December 8, 2014

This time, I’m presenting the podcast myself, as Krampus is recovering from a joyous Krampusnacht. We’re going back to basics with Christmas Origins, and you’ll be hearing a lot of cocktail lounge-style carols.


Origins 1
Alleee 1:
Yoshie * Deck the Hall
Jingle Bells
Origins 2
Bela Fleck * Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
Christmas Jug Band * Someboday Stole my Santa Claus Suit
Origins 3
Max Gregor and his Orchestra * Jingle Bells
Barenaked Ladies * Deck the Stills
Origins 4
Arcanasphere * Good King Wenceslaus
Percy Faith Orchestra * We Need a Little Christmas
Origins 5
The Mulcays * Rudolph the red-Nosed Reindeer
Frankie Yankovic * Merry Christmas Polka
Origins 6
Cloda * Farararara
Ben Best * Jingle Bells
Origins 7
Larry Clinton and his Orchestra * Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies
Peter Wood Singers and Orchestra * Winter Wonderland
Origins 8
Duke Ellington * Jingle Bells
Ren and Stimpy * Fleck the Walls
Origins 9
Elliott Lawrence * Dancing Snowflake
Bob Gerard * Snow Man
Origins 10
Alleee 2