Master List of Podcast Links

List of all Mondo Diablo podcast links (a work in progress).

The first 100 shows are available by request. Email

Episode 101: The Secret Life of L. Ron Hubbard, Part 1
Episode 102: The Secret Life of L. Ron Hubbard, Part 2
Episode 103: The Secret Life of L. Ron Hubbard, Part 3
Episode 104: The Secret Life of L. Ron Hubbard, Part 4
Episode 105: The Secret Life of L. Ron Hubbard, Part 5
Episode 106: White Babies
Episode 107: Best. Call. EVAR!
Episode 108: Cartoons are Satanic?
Episode 109: Cartoons are Satanic? Part 2
Episode 110: THE END IS NIGH
Episode 111: Similia Similibus Curantur, or, Like Cures Like
Episode 112: OMG! It’s FUTURESHOCK! Part 1
Episode 113: OMG! It’s FUTURESHOCK! Part 2
Episode 114: OMG! It’s FUTURESHOCK! Part 3
Episode 115: Perversion/Pleasure for Profit
Episode 116: A Far-Out Trip
Episode 117: Hey, Folks! It’s Intermission Time!
Episode 118: You Dirty French Frog!
Episode 119: Fundies are Frightening
Episode 120: Skeptoid Presents: Fast-Food Phobia
Episode 121: Batshit Christianity
Episode 122: NRA: A Legacy of Conservation
Episode 123: Freedom is not Anti-Social Part One: Morality
Episode 124: Freedom is not Anti-Social Part Two: The Moral Argument
Episode 125: The Circle of the Crystal Children, an audio collage
Episode 126: The Riddle of the Hack Mystery Writer: The Story of Harry Stephen Keeler
Episode 127: Customers are Frikken Stupid
Episode 128: How to Good-bye Depression (if you constrict anus 100 times everyday)
Episode 129: Latter-Day Suckers
Episode 130: Shatner on Shatner: Get a Life!
Episode 131: The Interesting Life of Steve Sutton
Episode 132: The FABulous Steven L Anderson
Episode 133: The Most Unwanted Music: Dave Soldier and Komar & Melamid
Episode 134: 134: The Truth Wins Out: Ex Gay Crapola
Episode 135: Those Fuckin’ Fundies
Episode 136: The House of Yahweh, or Damn, Texas, You So Crazay
Episode 137: Female Trouble (1974), a Tribute
Episode 138: Charles Bukowski’s Poems and Insults
Episode 139: The God Delusion-A Taste
Episode 140: Jesus’ Vagina
Episode 141: John Todd, the Illuminati, and Star Wars
Episode 142: George Carlin: Asshole, Jerkoff, or Scumbag?
Episode 143: Dmitri, the LOVAR
Episode 144: The Marriage Bed
Episode 145: Mondo Ranto
Episode 146: The Happy Painter
Episode 147: Kermit Schaffer’s Pardon My Blooper
Episode 148: S.A.V.E.D.: Stupid Assholes Violate Ecclesiastical Decree
Episode 149: More Dumb Christians
Episode 150: Sex and the Single Victorian
Episode 151: Our Man Stagg
Episode 152: I Am Not a Terrorist
Episode 153: The Psychedelic Christian: John Rydgren
Episode 154: The Most Righteous Man
Episode 155: Ingersoll on Jesus, Jack Benny on Isaac Hayes
Episode 156: The Outsider
Episode 157: Get Your War On
Episode 158: The Noah’s Ark Horror
Episode 159: Boo!
Episode 160: Dark Dungeons
Episode 161: Alleee’s Halloween Special
Episode 162: Bride of Satan
Episode 163: Pre-Season Shopping Bonanza
Episode 164: Something Weird Video
Episode 165: The World of Karl Pilkington
Episode 166: You Don’t Know Squat About Thanksgiving, But I Do.
Episode 167: A Mondo “Magic” Christmas
Episode 168: A Blessed Christmas…Brian Blessed, That Is
Episode 169: Christmas Memories
Episode 170: A Well-Meaning, Canadian Christmas
Episode 171: Miam, Miam, C’est Noël!
Episode 172: The Yule Cats
Episode 173: The Reason for the Cheese, Son!
Episode 174: The Six Million Dollar Man’s Kris Kringle Kaper
Episode 175: Krampus Kristmas 2008!
Episode 176: Fundies are Filthy
Episode 177: Religion Part 1
Episode 178: Praise Bob!
Episode 179: Big Brother Bob is Watching You
Episode 180: Kickin’ God to da Kurb Part 1
Episode 181: Kickin’ God to da Kurb Part 2
Episode 182: Kickin’ God to da Kurb Part 3
Episode 183: Kickin’ God to da Kurb Part 4
Episode 184: Kickin’ God to da Kurb Part 5
Episode 185: Kickin’ God to da Kurb Part 6
Episode 186: Dr Hal’s Birds and Bees
Episode 187: They Really Believe This Stuff
Episode 188: Psi-Kick
Episode 189: Marked For Death!
Episode 190: Self-Help
Episode 191: Fundies are Fan-Friggin’ Tastic
Episode 192: Magical Questions, Real Answers
Episode 193: Ajay Will Not Be Swayed
Episode 194: Carl Sagan on the Distinction Between True and False Visions
Episode 195: Keeping the Faith
Episode 196: Crackpots are Like That
Episode 197: Episode 197: Carl Sagan on Natural and Artificial Selection
Episode 198: Episode 198: Self-Hypnosis with Gil Boyne
Episode 199: Episode 199: The Road to Xenu Part 1
Episode 200: Episode 200: Road to Xenu Part 2
Episode 201: Episode 201: Carradine
Episode 202: Episode 202: Puritan Vowells
Episode 203: God is Gonna Get You! Christian Love on YouTube
Episode 204: Meat is Life
Episode 205: Alcohol is Dynamite
Episode 206: Shep’s Bulldada
Episode 207: How to be a No-Good, Dirty, Rotten, Child-Abuser, with James Dobson
Episode 208: Step Right Up!
Episode 209: What YOU Lookin’ At?
Episode 210: A Kool Kristian Kids Koncert
Episode 211: Meditations on Self-Awareness with Rev. Antonio Agpaoa
Episode 212: Go and Sin No More
Episode 213: The Room is in da House
Episode 214: Our Heavenly Father’s Plan
Episode 215: Christian Pirates Rape Red Riding-Hood
Episode 216: Betty and Barney and Carl
Episode 217: The Blood Countess Part 1
Episode 218: The Blood Countess Part 2
Episode 219: Gloomy Sunday and; Is THIS the real Erzsébet Báthory?
Episode 220: You Can’t Torquemada ANYTHING.
Episode 221: Tepes in a Teapot
Episode 222: DJ Steinski Presents Not A Cloud Upon The Name Of The Lord
Episode 223: The Cruel Slackmaster
Episode 224: Racism and Male Quartets for Breakfast
Episode 225: Cooking Thanksgiving
Episode 226: A Christmas Tale Well-Calculated to Keep You in Suspense
Episode 227: Christmas Bonus
Episode 228: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
Episode 229: The Christmas Star…Wars Holiday Special
Episode 230: Joe Santa Claus
Episode 231: A Very Edgar Christmas
Episode 232: Davey and Goliath’s Christmas Spirit–The Most Collosal Episode Yet!
Episode 233: Theatre of the Slightly Sinister; with your host G.E. Marshall
Episode 234: Landmark Forum for Dummies
Episode 235: Predictions for the Amazing Year 2010
Episode 236: Never Trust a German!
Episode 237: I Want My Money Back
Episode 238: Stang on Satanism
Episode 239: Cinema de Merde: Gay Cinematic Panic
Episode 240: Developing a Wonderful Personality with Dr. Joseph Murphy
Episode 241: British Children Say Hilarious Things.
Episode 242: Culturequake!
Episode 243: Fundies FAIL
Episode 244: Decalogue (NSFW)
Episode 245: 245 LSD? AOK!
Episode 246: Francois Tremblay Presents How to Fire People
Episode 247: Germaine Greer on Rape: Hilarity Ensues
Episode 248: SubGenius Mutantus Creation Myth with Sacred Scribe, Reverend Ivan Stang
Episode 249: Reddy Record, who Likes to Play with You, vs Everyone
Episode 250: Tomorrow Radio (Double Episode)
Episode 251: Ohhhhhh, You Laugh Now…But You Dead Later
Episode 252: Aw, Hell. Part 1
Episode 253: Aw, Hell. Part 2
Episode 254: Drugs
Episode 255: God is a Killer!
Episode 256: Boys Can’t Make Their Own Sandwiches. I Know Because I Saw it on TV.
Episode 257: Believe it or Not, or Kill Me
Episode 258: I Have Three Heads
Episode 259: The Wizard of Con
Episode 260: Awkward Questions: Outnumbered
Episode 261: Let Pat Collins Turn You On
Episode 262: God is a Killer!
Episode 263: WOW! We’re the Top of the Pops Where the Hits Don’t Stop…s
Episode 264: A Fundie Fracas!
Episode 265: Doctore Legume presents The Death Cult that Controls American Minds: Don’t Be Lured!
Episode 266: A Manson Family Jamboree
Episode 267: Satan: The Lesser of Two Evils
Episode 268: Weaponizing Mozart
Episode 269: Bacchanalia Part I: The Last and Least
Episode 270: Bacchanalia Part II: The Soused Period
Episode 271: Bacchanalia Part III: Oedipus Tex
Episode 272: Bacchanalia Part IV: The Death of Some Guy
Episode 273: The Earth; She is Unmoved



  1. 1
    Jas Says:

    Oh my! I just stumbled across your site! Thanks for some cool tunes and podcasts.

  2. 2


  3. 3

    I’ve become such a fan of this podcast. Thanks for the ear pleasure!

  4. 4
    beeky319 Says:

    dont be a fan she made fun of CHRIST!!!

  5. 5
    alleee Says:

    Be a fan! I make fun of CHRIST!!!

    Jesus’ grandmother (Saint Anne) wears army boots!!!

  6. 6
    Chaz Says:

    Woot! I love to answer the question WWJD (What Would Jebus Do, for anyone who doesn’t know) with the answer, probably go and get himself killed again.

    now, what I really wanted to say, is episodes 66-68 are completely missing from the show directory.

  7. 7


    GREAT JOB¡¡¡¡¡¡

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