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(EXPLICIT) Mondo Diablo Episode 256: Boys Can’t Make Their Own Sandwiches. I Know Because I Saw it on TV.

June 3, 2010

Lately, I’ve been interacting more with people of the ages I shouldn’t be voluntarily interacting with–in my leisure time. Oh, I don’t mean you, dear friends, my dear young friends–you know who you are–who are so far superior to HUMAN young people that the thought of them makes you yawn and retch simultaneously–and that’s a monumental task. No, I’m talking about that wretched Facebouf. You know the one–you might have found my podcast here, right now! Interacting on Facebouf is like posting on Christian message boards. Christians think the Internet is in America, and foreigners should get out. 12 year-old boyZ and pregnant, 13 year-old GirZ who post on facebouf think that we’re all in their territory, the one with RingpopZ and WebCritterZ and homemade, misspelled tattooZ. And these young peepZ, these future leaderZ of the UniverZe are the most sexist, misogynistic little squeebZ in the universe. And so I complain about attitudes in past advertising, because it all seems so similar. Luckily, none of my facebouf “frenZ” tell me I should be in the kitchen, making them a sandwich. I don’t understand why their dadZ don’t make them sandwiches, when they’re obviously hungry and I don’t get it because I am not Phresh Phly PantZ on the groun’.


1950’s British Suburbia
Alleee 1
The Delicates * Meusurry
The Electric Moog Orchestra * Star Wars Cantina Band
1964 Buick Riviera
Joyce Green * Black Cadillac
Northwind * Wand’ring Minstrel
A Woman’s Work
The Emperors * Karate
The Psychoskeletons * Hockey
Leave it to Beaver clip
Ella Mae Morse * Money, Honey
Jean-Jaques Perrey * Chicken on the Rocks (bouncing balls song)
I Got You Fired
The Lost Generation * Talkin’ The Teenaged Language
Make the Girl Dance * Baby Baby Baby
Taget: Women * Ladyfriends
Harmony Sisters * Liisa Pien’
Gene O’Quin * Too Hot to Handle
Mountain Grown Coffee!
Fart-Absorbing Blanket
Janis Martin * Cracker Jack
Taget Women: Yogurt
Jello Biafra * Love Me, I’m a Liberal
Kay Starr * Oh, Babe!
Suburban 50’s Housewife
Les Poppys * Let the Sunshine in
Patsy Cline * Lovesick Blues
Sparkle Moore * Killer
Ennio Morricone * Mato, Caldo, Soldi, Morto…Girotondo
Sexist tv ads
Wanda Jackson * Mean, Mean Man


Episode 192: Magical Questions, Real Answers

April 4, 2009

I was contacted by an Australian Christian who found 10 questions on the internet and wanted to publicly write them on my “website” and have me answer them. I don’t know what website he was talking about; I suspected it was my Atheist Nexus page, but I’m not certain. I have lots of pages, but my only websites with my email address available are Hellbound Alleee and Insolitology; the former is not set up for a Christian Challenge (and it’s really a dead site); the latter is so rarely updated I’m always surprised when someone contacts me about it. It’s my first website from back in 2002.

I found myself in an extremely unpleasant conversation with him, because I felt very grumpy about Yet Another Christian coming into my space and baiting me. It’s not like I go to churches or even Christian websites and bother people. Although that might be fun.

I ended the conversation, but then, as I was working on my Atheist Nexus site, I thought, “well, I’m doing this because I’m working out some personal issues related to anger and resentment over my past. Maybe if I do a show related to his 10 questions, it’ll be like working out my problem.” So I looked at Google and found one set of 10 Questions for Atheists. There are a lot of them, but they tend to be pretty similar. I got these questions from Lifeway, some modern churchy website for the nineties–I mean, for the Modern Age. You can find it here.

On with the show.

Norel Pref * Sunday School * from Nightline “Satan Debate”
Alleee 1
Francois Tremblay * Creation * Kresge Department Store’s Shopping Music
Alleee * Answer 1 * Living Jazz * ABC
Nino Ferrer * Le Telefon
Francois Tremblay * Order * Kresge Department Store’s Shopping Music
Alleee * Answer 2 * Andy Loore * A Toute Allure
Christophe * Aline
Francois Tremblay * Abiogenesis * Kresge Department Store’s Shopping Music
Alleee * Answer 3 * Enoch Light * You’ve Got to Pay the Price
Norel Pref * Does Nightline Exist?
Julien Clerc * Noe

Francois’ Lyrics

Tonight is the Flood,
The last, the greatest.
It’s the real end of the world,
And we built a boat.
We took the vermin
A bit against our will,
But you save nothing
If you don’t save everything…

Noah, Noah, Noah…

We took lentils,
We took jewels.
We loved the ones that shine
In the night and make you crazy.
We took the elephant
And his last two teeth:
Last elephant,
First million toothpicks.

Noah, Noah, Noah…
Why aren’t you on the boat?
Noah, Noah,
Why did you make holes in the sail
And the flag?

We took the beavers,
We took the birds…
And all the furs
To make coats.
We thought to ourselves: the fish,
They can stay in the sea.
How can you put a whale
All at the bottom of a boat?

Noah, Noah, Noah…

We took gazelles
And even penguins,
Two swallows,
Skunks, badgers.
It was so cold
All the way down at the bottom of the boat,
That we took liars, too,
To tell us it was warm.

Noah, Noah, Noah…
Why aren’t you on the boat?
Noah, Noah,
Why did you make holes in the sail
And the flag?

As we understood that
We’d have no newspapers,
We took mannequins,
Not too thin and very pretty,
A ton of makeup,
Underwear, swimsuits,
To get back on the beach
When the weather’s nice again.

Noah, Noah, Noah…

We took thumbtacks
For our posters of God,
Those truckers’ dreams
We took to heart.
Tonight is the Flood,
The last, the greatest.
It’s the real end of the world,
And we built a boat.

Noah, Noah, Noah…
Why aren’t you on the boat?
Noah, Noah,
Why did you make holes in the sail
And the flag?

Francois Tremblay * Transcendent Principles * Kresge Department Store’s Shopping Music
Alleee * Answer 4 * Syd Dale * The Riviera Set
Karl Zero * Rico Vacilon
Francois Tremblay * Morality * Kresge Department Store’s Shopping Music
Alleee * Answer 5 * Harvey Mandel * Poontang
Bill O’Reilly * Cup Your Breasts
Pan’s People * You Can Really Rock ‘n’ Roll Me
Francois Tremblay * Meaning * Kresge Department Store’s Shopping Music
Alleee * Answer 6 * Manfred Minnich * Shopping Centre
Les Poppys * Des Chansons Pop
Francois Tremblay * The Mind * Kresge Department Store’s Shopping Music
Alleee * Answer 7 * Alan Hawkshaw & Keith Mansfield * Picadilly Square
Moron Tabernacle Choir
Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra * Get Your Freak On
Francois Tremblay * Supernatural Experiences * Kresge Department Store’s Shopping Music
Alleee * Answer 8 * Neil Richardson * Rio Magic
Toby Deane * Come On-a My House
Francois Tremblay * The Case For Christ * Kresge Department Store’s Shopping Music
Alleee * Answer 9 * The Marty Cooper Clan * Walk, Don’t Run
Norel Pref * Evolution Yeah
Drew Dobbs * Your Own Fries
Francois Tremblay * Rational Faith * Kresge Department Store’s Shopping Music
Alleee * Answer 10 * Rudy Rosa * You Only Live Twice

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Episode 179: Brother Bob is Watching You

January 20, 2009


Bob is Watching 1 from Bob Bob Brother Mix
Alleee 1
Howard Carpendale * Du Hast Mich
Bob is Watching 2
Gil Trythal * Yakety Moog
Katerine * Mon Coeur Balance
Bob is Watching 3
Enoch Light * Witchita Lineman
Roger Miller * You Can’t Rollerskate in a Buffalo Herd
Bob is Watching 4
Dave Vorhaus * The DIY Machine
Wax Audio * Iron Maiden goes to Bollywood
Bob is Watching 5
I WIll Wait for You
Mad Mix Mustang * Don’t You Ever Give Up Wanting Me Baby
Bob is Watching 6
Bruce Haack and Ed Harvey * Fantastic Skullastic
The Who Boys * The In Crowd
Bob is Watching 7
Bongo Bash
A Cat Sings the Blues
Bob is Watching 8
Bagdhad Express
Jill Sobule singing Julia Sweeney’s Letting Go of God
Bob is Watching 9
Electric Coconut * Space Walk
Octo-Pipers * Roaring 20’s Medley
Bob is Watching 10
Alleee 2


Episode 164: Something Weird Video

November 11, 2008

Something Weird Video


All Ears 1
Alleee 1
Sheba * Jungle Fever
Curious Alice 1
Gus Brendel Group * Take a Shake
Danger! High Voltage! 1
Mona Rae * Do Me
The Golden Goose 1
Soul Orgasm-ization * Ode to Billy Joe
The Inner Man 1
Shirley Scott * Soul Souce
It’s a Revolution, Mother!
Klaus and Uschi * Young Stud
All Ears 2
Sinatra * Drinking Water
Curious Alice 2
The Horsemen * Theme From Outlaw Riders
Danger! High Voltage! 2
Cake * War Pigs
The Golden Goose 2
Hot Butter * Song of the Nairobi Trio
The Inner Man 2
Hank Snow * That Crazy Mambo Thing
All Ears 3
Mike Theodorak * Cafe Rock
Curious Alice 3
June Carter * Mama Teach Me
Danger! High Voltage! 3
Henry Mancini * Moon River Cha-Cha
All Ears 4
Leonce * Wrestler (Triple H)
Curious Alice 4
Herb Alpert * Slick
High Voltage 4
Matthew Gonder * Clair, Commissaire! (and he’s from my home town!)
Curious Alice 5
T Elerth * Skippin’ It
Danger 5
Alleee 2


Episode 155: Ingersoll on Jesus, Jack Benny on Isaac Hayes

September 14, 2008

not Jack Benny


Alleee 1

Enoch Light * Valley of the Dolls
Jesus 2
Enoch Light * Working in the Coal Mine
Becky Hobbs * Jones on the Jukebox
Jesus 3
Los Admiradores * Friendly Persuasion
Christophe * Je ne t’aime Plus (I Don’t Love You Anymore)
Jesus 4
Dave Pell Singers * Crystal Blue Persuasion
Matt and Sylvia * Smile
Jesus 5
Nino Nardini * Tropicale
Roy Esser * Man Do I Like Fridays
Jesus 6
Michel LeGrand * Alcatraz
Isaac Hayes and Jack Benny
Jesus 7
Charles Magnante * Carmen Medley
Slim Chance * George Jones has Never Sung About my Gal
Jesus 8
Martin Denny * Midnight Cowboy
The Strawberry Alarm Clock * Incense and Peppermints
Hollywood Squares clip
Busby Lewis’ International Orchestra * The Madison
The Specialists * Sunrise, Sunset
Rose Marie, Charley Weaver on Hollywood Squares
Jim Lea * The Doing of our Thing
Virgin Child of the Universe
Paul Lynde and Mel Brooks on Hollywood Squares
The Makai Gents * In a Hawaiian Village
Alleee 2

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Freedom is not Anti-Social Part 2: The Moral Argument

April 14, 2008

Market Anarchy


Guy Pederson * Bass After Love
Alleee 1
Serge Gainsbourg * Ballade de Melody Nelson
Alan Parker & Mike Moran * Move and Shake Your Body
Jocelyne * Nitty Gritty
Phil Harris * St. James Infirmary
Roger Bourdin * Crazy Horse
Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass * Carmen
RIAA * Smoke on the Sun
Bernard Lubat * Pop Aubergine
The Terrytooners * Barker Bill
Évariste * La Chasse au Boson Intermédiaire
Hervé Roy * Fin De Séance
Rutland Weekend Songbook * Children of Rock ‘n’ Roll/Startime
Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennett * Dumbo
RIAA * Candy Enema Shock
Spazz-Living Guitars * Brown Sugar
Raymond Guiot & Guy Pederson * Ballade Pour Un Basse
Shelley Looney * Thank You, Canada
Raymond Guiot & Guy Pederson * Visions Fantastiques
Rutland Weekend Songbook * Protest Song
Warren Jeffs (Yes, THAT Warren Jeffs) * Searching for Zion
Bernard Estardy * Claviers Ivres
Flares * The Monkey Walk
The Keyboards * Clair
MOF 10
Unknown * Music Box
Petra Haden * Don’t Stop Believin’
Alleee 2

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Freedom is not Anti-Social Part 1: Morality

April 13, 2008

Machinery of Freedom podcast on


Morality 1
Alleee 1
Ed Bruce * Hummin’ Cummins
Morality 2
Helmut Zacharias * Naturally Stoned
Jaymz Bee & The Royal Jelly Orchestra * You Oughta Know
Morality 3
Wendy Carlos * Sinfonia in D Major
Danny Bonaduce * I’ll Be Your Magician
Morality 4
Jean Michel Jarre * Theme de L’argent
Aimable * Tous les Garcons et les Filles
Morality 5
Enoch Light * Bond Street
Bastard Fairies * We’re All Going to Hell
Morality 6
Lenny Dee * Also Sprach Zarathustra
The Last Dinosaur * Beat It
Morality 7
Myron Floren * Anna
France Gall * Ich Kann Dir Nicht Bose Sein
Morality 8
Joe Thomas * Electric Godfather
Rex Hobart * It’s Not Easy Being Green
Morality 9
Martin Denny * I Talk to the Trees
The Sugar Bears * Love, You’ve Been a Long Time Coming
Morality 10
Nils Tibor * Little Willy
Tjupurru * Unkol James Brown
Alleee 2

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Episode 118: You Dirty French Frog!

March 18, 2008

Watch “But Names Will Never Hurt Me?”

PBS Theme-French Frog 1
Alleee 1
Fissunix vs IV my People * IV my Breton
All About You-French Frog 2
Electric Concept Orchestra * Witchita Lineman
Malajube * Pate Filo
Parlez-Moi-French Frog 3
Fred Lowry * Happy Hobo
Anita Bryant * This is My Country
French Frog 4
Herve Roy * Percussions A Gogo
DJ Jujube * Passe Partout Megamix
French Frog 5
Moog Cookbook * Rockin’ in the Free World
Czerwone Gitary * Pieciu Nas Jest
Self-Incorporated-French Frog 6
Bert Kaempfert * Strangers in the Night
Marianne Faithful * Ne Me Quitte Pas
Telefrancais-French Frog 7
Larry Nored * She Works Hard for the Money
Evan Dando * How Will I Know?
The Bureau of Mass Communication-French Frog 8
Les Sequelles * Roller Girl
The Most Important Person-French Frog 9
Swing Family * Musical Stars
Thinkabout-French Frog 10
Alleee 2


Video: How I Met My Husband

March 13, 2008

This is from the kids’ show Inside/Out, from 1973. I watched this in school sometime between 3rd and 5th grade. None of us knew there was a French-Canada before this; much less a Hull, Quebec.

But Names Will Never Hurt Me?

Episode 116: A Far-Out Trip

March 4, 2008

The Rainbow “Twangers” episode

Case Study LSD


Rainbow 1
Alleee 1
Ray Coniff Singers * The Impossible Dream
S. Sklair and G. Galbraith * Spell Binder
Camarata with the Mike Sammes Singers * My Friend the Doctor
Rainbow 2
Sweet Little Band * Money
Sing Along with JFK * The Trumpet
KPM Library * Whistling Ghost
Lenny Brice * Psychopathia Sexualis
Rainbow 3
Conroy * Enigma Theme
Dan Blumin & Yevgeny Leonov * Pesnya Vinny Pukha
Rainbow 4
Myron Floren * Beer Barrel Polka
Usha Uthup * Doston Se Pyar Kia
The John Keating Space Experience * Star Cluster
Konishi Yasuharu and Pizzicato Five * When You Wish Upon a Star
Rainbow 5
Yann Tregger * Hugger Mugger
Malajube * Le Robot Sexy
Bill LeSage & Tony Kinsey * Sales Appeal
Pussycat * Mais la Vie Continuait
Rainbow 6
Elm Street All Kazoo Band * Kanon in D
Red Sovine * Go Hide John
Rainbow 7
Alleee 2

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