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Mondo Diablo Episode 215: Christian Pirates Rape Red Riding-Hood

September 26, 2009

Captain Hook and his crew lure young children to their boat and Shanghai them into accepting Christ with exciting tales involving pirates and dope.


Captain Hook * Intro and Pirate Theme Song
Tiny Tot Calvin * Christian Cowboy
Alleee 1
George Liberace * I’m in Love Again
Christian Pirates
Pirates 2
Kinky Boots
Frances Baskerville * The Vegetables Song
Pirates 3
Knuckles O’Toole * After You’ve Gone
Captain Hook and his Crew * Joy, Joy, Joy
Pirates 4
Neil Richardson * Play School
Hans Moser * I marschier mit mein’n Duli-Dulieh
Pirates 5
Larry Elgart * Bye-Bye Blues
Captain Hook * Ship Ahoy
Pirates 6
Florian Zabach * Harum Scarum
Nino Roti * ‘l’intermezzo’ della mantide religiosa
Pirates 7
Rita Ford * Abide with Me
Captain Hook and his Crew * The Lord is My Shepherd
Pirates 8
David Carroll * Pretty Baby
Lord Lebby * Dr. Kinsey
Pirates 9
Ray Anthony * Rock-Umba
Pirates 10
Doris Day * T’Ain’t Me
Lynn Foulkes * Top of Topanga
Captain Hook and his Crew * Treasure Hunt

Alleee 2


Episode 116: A Far-Out Trip

March 4, 2008

The Rainbow “Twangers” episode

Case Study LSD


Rainbow 1
Alleee 1
Ray Coniff Singers * The Impossible Dream
S. Sklair and G. Galbraith * Spell Binder
Camarata with the Mike Sammes Singers * My Friend the Doctor
Rainbow 2
Sweet Little Band * Money
Sing Along with JFK * The Trumpet
KPM Library * Whistling Ghost
Lenny Brice * Psychopathia Sexualis
Rainbow 3
Conroy * Enigma Theme
Dan Blumin & Yevgeny Leonov * Pesnya Vinny Pukha
Rainbow 4
Myron Floren * Beer Barrel Polka
Usha Uthup * Doston Se Pyar Kia
The John Keating Space Experience * Star Cluster
Konishi Yasuharu and Pizzicato Five * When You Wish Upon a Star
Rainbow 5
Yann Tregger * Hugger Mugger
Malajube * Le Robot Sexy
Bill LeSage & Tony Kinsey * Sales Appeal
Pussycat * Mais la Vie Continuait
Rainbow 6
Elm Street All Kazoo Band * Kanon in D
Red Sovine * Go Hide John
Rainbow 7
Alleee 2

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Episode 93: A Kiddie Kristmas

December 8, 2007

So innocent--or ARE they?

From a story about the Krampus

David Allen * Gingerbread 1
Alleee 1
Barry Gordon * Zoomah the Santa Claus from Mars
David Allen * Gingerbread 2
Walt Jacobs * A Ride with Santa
Santa’s Snowmen * Deck the Halls
David Allen * Gingerbread 3
The Caroleers * Icicles, Holly, Red Berries and Snow
Akim and the Teddy Vann Production Company * Santa Claus is a Black Man
David Allen * Gingerbread 4
Rankin-Bass * Christmas Chimes are Calling, Santa, Santa (from ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas)
Gene London * Walking, Talking Christmas Tree
David Allen * Gingerbread 5
Kathy Garver (Sissy) * Lem, the Orphan Reindeer
Anne Lloyd and the Sandpipers * When Santa Claus gets your Letter
David Allen * Gingerbread 6
Paul Parnes (Dennis the Menace) * When Christmas Comes Around Each Year
The Smurfs * The Twelve Days of Christmas
David Allen * Gingerbread Man 7
Stick ‘em up, Santa!
The Caroleer Singers * Christmas Cookies and Holiday Hearts
David Allen * Gingerbread Man 8
Tommy Christy * All are Waiting for Christmas
Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer * We are Santa’s Elves
David Allen * Gingerbread 9
Roy Drusky * Jolly old Saint Nicholas
Natalie Simard * Petit Papa Noel
David Allen * Gingerbread 10
Larry Cartell * Cowboy Santa
Dr Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas * Trim up the Tree
David Allen * Gingerbread 11
Gayla Peevey * 77 Santas
Kukla, Fran, and Ollie * Kuklapolitan Carol Medley
Alleee 2

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CBH Ministries Presents A Christmas Carousel

November 20, 2007

I can't take photos

From the liner notes:

Every Year we are asked if we have a Christmas record. Now we do…and here it is…a delightful combination of music AND story! This is a FAMILY album…not just for boys and girls!

The CHILDREN’S BIBLE HOUR is heard on nearly 600 radio stations worldwide. For a list of our radio outlets, blah blah blah, etc…”

Signed, Uncle Charlie


Have you ever felt like you’re just not worth much? That’s the way little Johnny felt, until Gramps showed him that in God’s sight we are ALL worth loving and caring about! In this delightful story, the “lead part” is played by the fantasy character of “Johnny’s Stocking.” It’s an imaginative, interesting story with an important lesson.

Alleee adds: if only that lesson were to not let your kids go visit weird old guys called “Gramps.” Shudder.


What kind of birthday is it when the person whose birthday it is doesn’t get any presents? That’s what often happens at Christmas time, when the Lord Jesus is often left out of our plans. This story emphasizes to young and old alike the importance of “keeping Christ in Christmas.”

Alleee says: apparently it’s the birthday of a deity with the maturity of a nine-year-old! It struck me–and I can’t keep my mouth shut–how odd it is to celebrate Christmas for a deity because he was sacrificed by his father. Who does this and isn’t some kind of psychopath? Nobody. God Yule. (That’s a deity to look up!)

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Episode 74: School Days

August 30, 2007

Your First Day at High School 1
Alleee 1
The Runaways * School Days
High School 2
Triton Junior High Band * Beat It
Valley High School * Shining Star
High School 3
Valley Junior High Viking Band * The Muppet Show Theme
The Tapiola Secondary School Chorus * Royal Viking Star Waltz
High School 4
Central High School Cafeteria Band * First Rhapsody
Lebenon Junior High Chorus * Theme From Cheers
High School 5
Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band * Roundabout
Winthrop Elementary School * One Tin Soldier (Theme From “Billy Jack”)
High School 6
John C Fremont Elementary School * Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head
Dondero High School * Livin’ Thing
High School 7
San Joaquin School District * Popeye the Sailor Man
Teen Challenge Choir * My Psychiatrist
high School 8
Litchfield Minnesota High School Band * Mr Roboto
Alva T Stanforth Junior High School Choir Dance Band * Chinatown
High School 9
Litchfield Minnesota High School Band * You Shook Me All Night Long
Castle Park High School Band and Chorus * Hotel California
High School 10
Valley High School * Dance to the Music
Springville Middle School Choir * Commercials
High School 11
Greerte Grote School Groep 8 * Dreamer
Dondero High School * Fox on the Run
High School 12
Chuck Berry * School Days
Alleee 2

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72 Aunt Bertha Presents Sorry is as Sorry Does

August 18, 2007

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Mondo 72
Aunt Bertha Presents: Sorry is as Sorry Does
Sorry 1
Alleee 1
The DeZurick (Cackle) Sisters * Li’l Liza Jane
Sorry 2
Mike Sammes * Surrey with the Fringe on Top
James Last * Giant Man
Sorry 3
Paul Mauriat * Dansez Maitenant
Cab Calloway * Zah Zuh Zaz
Sorry 4
Floyd Cramer * Rhythm of the Rain
Connie Francis * Robot Man
Sorry 5
Stef Meeder Grand Hammond Medley * A Taste of Honey
Simon * Cowboy Sunset
Sorry 6
Bob Thompson & Felix Slatkin * Happy Hobo
Dondero High School * It’s a Livin’ Thing
Sorry 7
Hollyridge Strings * Sukiyaki
Frank Sinatra * Mrs. Robinson
Sorry 8
The Bran Flakes * Kitty Takes a Ride
Dear Readers and Francois Tremblay * Harry Potter Remix
Sorry 9
Juliane Werding * Niemand hat Zeit
Match Game 77
Sorry 10
R2D2/C3PO Disco
Sorry 11

Alleee 2

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Episode 69: Heidi Pocketbook Doll’s Adventures in Fairyland

August 1, 2007


Mondo 68: Heidi in Fairyland

Heidi, the Pocketbook Doll * Heidi 1
Alleee 1
Princess Sparklepony’s Adioblogging
Bing Crosby * Little Green Apples
Heidi 2
The Metro Strings * Travel
Die Crazy Girls * Walk, Don’t Run
Heidi 3
Sexteto Electronico Moderno * Comin’ Home Baby
Tony Selby * Canada
Heidi 4
Patrick Gleeson * Ben Kenobi’s Theme
The Musical Harts * Feed Me Jesus
Heidi 5
Bob Cobert * To Tell the Truth
The Great Body Shop * No Drugs, No Way
Heidi 6
Mel Taylor and the Magics * Skokkian
Herve Villachaize * Why do People Have to Fight
Heidi 7
Enoch Light * The Jerk
Simon * I Can’t Stop Loving You
Heidi 8
Sexteto Electronico Moderno * Je T’Aime, Moi Non Plus
Dara Puspita * A Go-Go
Heidi 9
The Mark Kramer Trio * Hedwig’s Theme
Louis Gentile * Poor Hamster
Heidi 10
Ivor Slaney * Highlight
Alleee 2

Close your eyes real tight, and wish upon a star!

Episode 67: 50 Nifty United States

July 19, 2007

New Hamburger England

Mondo 67: 50 Nifty United States Part One

McDonalds * Ronald McDonald Visits America Introduction
Alleee 1
Jacques Perrey * The Savers
50 Nifty United States
McDonalds * Ronald visits the White House
Arthur Lyman * Babalik Ka Rin * Taboo
Love is a Heart-On * Column of Flowing Honey
McDonalds * Ronald visits Vermont
Jimmy Smith * Blues in the Night
B2 * Crazy Girl
McDonalds * Ronald visits New Hampshire
Rosemary Bailey * Feel Like Making Love
Esrecnoc * Bee Charmer
McDonalds * Ronald visits Rhode Island
Brandenburg Big Band * Beat at the Philharmonic
Gabby Pahinui * My Little Grass Shack
McDonalds * Ronald goes to New York (city)
Jacques Perrey * E.V.A
Avenue Q * The Internet is for Porn
McDonalds * Ronald goes to Maine
Master Cylinder * Oh Baby, More Popcorn
Kidz Bop * Take Me Out
McDonalds * Ronald visits Connecticut
Whitten Junior High * Star Wars Theme
Max Raab and his Palast Orchestre * Oops I Did it Again
McDonalds * Ronald goes to Pennsylvania
The Vaselines * Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam
The Voice of Freedom * I Want a World
McDonalds * Ronald hits Jersey
Alleee 2

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