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Album Sharity: Christesmas in Anglia: Early English Music for Christmastide

December 4, 2009

Christesmas in Anglia

Early Music for Christmastide

Ensemble for Early Music
Frederick Renz, director

This is a history of the carol, from the 13th through the 18th centuries, using choral ensembles and old-style instruments, like the rebec, the organistrum and the recorder.

Can I Just Say…

December 15, 2007


…I love Senses Working Overtime?

CBH Ministries Presents A Christmas Carousel

November 20, 2007

I can't take photos

From the liner notes:

Every Year we are asked if we have a Christmas record. Now we do…and here it is…a delightful combination of music AND story! This is a FAMILY album…not just for boys and girls!

The CHILDREN’S BIBLE HOUR is heard on nearly 600 radio stations worldwide. For a list of our radio outlets, blah blah blah, etc…”

Signed, Uncle Charlie


Have you ever felt like you’re just not worth much? That’s the way little Johnny felt, until Gramps showed him that in God’s sight we are ALL worth loving and caring about! In this delightful story, the “lead part” is played by the fantasy character of “Johnny’s Stocking.” It’s an imaginative, interesting story with an important lesson.

Alleee adds: if only that lesson were to not let your kids go visit weird old guys called “Gramps.” Shudder.


What kind of birthday is it when the person whose birthday it is doesn’t get any presents? That’s what often happens at Christmas time, when the Lord Jesus is often left out of our plans. This story emphasizes to young and old alike the importance of “keeping Christ in Christmas.”

Alleee says: apparently it’s the birthday of a deity with the maturity of a nine-year-old! It struck me–and I can’t keep my mouth shut–how odd it is to celebrate Christmas for a deity because he was sacrificed by his father. Who does this and isn’t some kind of psychopath? Nobody. God Yule. (That’s a deity to look up!)

Download A Christmas Carousel with Children’s Bible Hour