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Mondo Diablo Episode 330: A Prayer for the Brutal Death of our Enemies, and Drinking Game

November 21, 2011

Due to an unfortunate run-in with some proprietary software, this week’s playlist is gone. To compensate for this injustice, I have included a fun drinking game. It’s very easy to play: just take a drink of your favorite beverage when commanded! Have a fun and safe Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Etiquette for Children 1
Carnation Evaporated Milk
Randy Roberts * The Pilgrim/Thanksgiving Song
Thanksgiving Etiquette for Children 2
Chase and Sanborn Coffee * Please Understand and Cooperate
Conserve Food for Wartime PSA
Save Grease for Wartime 1
Norm Burns * Our Thanksgiving Blessings are Great
Thanksgiving Etiquette for Children 3
Andy Becker for Crisco
Save Grease for Wartime 2
Collins and Harlan * Bake Dat Chicken Pie
Thanksgiving Etiquette for Children 4
Jell-O 1
Save Grease for Wartime 3
Schmoolie * Die, Turkey, Die
Thanksgiving Etiquette for Children 5
Jell-O 2 * Jell-O Chocolate Pudding instructions
Save Grease for Wartime Soap 4 and Guilt Trip
TV’s Kyle * I Like Pie
Thanksgiving Etiquette for Children 6
Jell-O 3 in 6 delicious flavors
Save Grease for Wartime Soap 5
Jeremy Shane * Turkey Murder
General Foods’ Jell-O 4 is glamorous, gay and sprightly
Save Grease for Wartime 6
Genki English * What are You Thankful For?
Maine Sardine Council * Sardine Sandwich ad 1
Jell-O 5 Program with Jack Benny
Save Grease for Wartime 7
Max DeGroot * It’s the Most Commercial Time of the Year
Jell-O 6 Butterscotch Pudding
Save Grease for Wartime 8
Maine Sardine Council * Sardine Sandwich ad 2
USDA * Turkey Time for Salmonella
Thanksgiving Etiquette for Children 7
Vince Guaraldi with Jack Sheldon * Joe Cool
Jell-O 7 Mrs. Bradley’s Swell Letter
Maine Sardine Council * Sardine Sandwich Ad 3
Joseph Byrd * Conquest of the American Wilderness
Larry Taylor * Autumn Portrait
Kraft Dinner
Hoosier Hotshots * We Like Bananas (Because They Have no Bones)
Wendy Carlos * Fall from “The Four Seasons”
Alleee’s Prayer of Thanksgiving from Psalms


Mondo Diablo Episode 329: Cookin’ With Connie

November 16, 2011

This week’s clips come from a vintage 50’s home-ec film for gals. Just for gals, obviously. What will YOU do when you get married and it turns out you don’t know how to cook? Will Tim ever be surprised!


Cooking Terms 1
Alleee 1
Bobby Swanson and his Sonics * Rockin’ Little Eskimo
Jamie Glaser * Disco Columbus
Cooking Terms 2
Big Chief Blues
Glen Miller’s Uptown Hall Gang * Stealin’ Smack’s Apples
Cooking Terms 3
Black Lodge Singers * Spongebob Squarepants
Dick Kent * Christopher Columbus and the Compass
Cooking Terms 4
Andre Williams * Please Pass the Biscuits
Earl Johnson * Shortnin’ Bread
Cooking Terms 5
Florrie Ford * Ca Bages Ca Beans Car Rots
Black Lodge Singers * Achy Breaky Song
Cooking Terms 6
Etta James * Shortnin’ Bread Rock
Fred Hall and his Sugarbabies * ‘Tain’t No Sin
Cooking Terms 7
Carolina Chocolate Drops * Cornbread and Butterbeans
Louis Jordan and the Tympani Five * Beans and Cornbread
Cooking Terms 8
Jimmy Dean * Please Pass the Biscuits
Male and Female Vocal Duet of Swanee River * Old Folks at Home (recorded between 1890 and 1929)
Cooking Terms 9
Norval and Ivy * Please Pass the Biscuits
The Wiyos * Strawberry Wine
Cooking Terms 10


Mondo Diablo Episode 295: Tripping Housewives

January 28, 2011

This week, our entertainment comes from The Daily Mail Tabloid, and a video on the entry, seen here:


Siegfried Schwab * High Snobiety
The Three Haircuts * Goin’ Crazy
The Three Suns * Fly Me to the Moon
Frank Popp Ensemble * Introduction-Mullet King
Roland Kovac and the Orf Big Band * Operation Rose
Backwords * The Beggars and the Bread
Ball 2000 * Tried It
Anubian Lights * Smoke and Mirrors
Stereo Total * Patty Hearst
Bruno Spoerri * Frohes Wiedersehn
Dandelion Junk Queens * Scumbag’s Courtship
Fresh Cream * March Turque
Billy Fury * In the Summer
Robin Workman * Nina, Pretty Ballerina
RIAA * Meet the Swingers
Anonymous * Risk of Children
Ananda Shankar * Streets of Calcutta
The Evolution Control Committee * Baloney and Oates
Francis Lai * Les Chat des Souris
Brazilian Girls * Crosseyed and Painless (Talking Heads)
Alleee 2



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Mondo Diablo Episode 258: I Have Three Heads

June 17, 2010

This week’s podcast is all about an old Ampex reel-to-reel tape editor who can talk, and reminisce. It’s from an old episode of the CBS Radio Workshop.

See lots of interesting old recording equipment at


I Have Three Heads 1
Alleee 1
Fanfarlo * I’m a Pilot
Frank Sandy and the King’s Men * Tarrentela Rock
I Have Three Heads 2
Marhofer Meats
Frank Popp Ensemble * Hip Teens (Don’t Wear Blue Jeans)
Lyn Larsen * Rubber Ducky
I Have Three Heads 3
Babs Gonzales * Dob(bs) Bla Bli
Don Reed and his Orchestra (Featuring the Voice of Love) * Nature Boy
I Have Three Heads 4
Rosemary Bailey * Feel Like Making Love
Orquestra los Cubanacans * Cubanaca
I Have Three Heads 5
Bob Thompson with Gloria Lasso * Parfait ne Changez Rien
Florian ZaBach * Fiddle Rock
I Have Three Heads 6
Flight * Let’s Fly Away
Isao Tomita-Debussy * Reverie
I Have Three Heads 7
Lecuona Cuban Boys * Rumba Blanca
Kane’s Hawaiians * Palolo
I Have Three Heads 8
Link Wray * Oddball
Madagascar * Bear Goes Shopping
I Have Three Heads 9
Olivia Newton John * We are Magic
Caustic Window * Popcorn
I Have Three Heads 10
Alleee 2


(EXPLICIT) Mondo Diablo Episode 256: Boys Can’t Make Their Own Sandwiches. I Know Because I Saw it on TV.

June 3, 2010

Lately, I’ve been interacting more with people of the ages I shouldn’t be voluntarily interacting with–in my leisure time. Oh, I don’t mean you, dear friends, my dear young friends–you know who you are–who are so far superior to HUMAN young people that the thought of them makes you yawn and retch simultaneously–and that’s a monumental task. No, I’m talking about that wretched Facebouf. You know the one–you might have found my podcast here, right now! Interacting on Facebouf is like posting on Christian message boards. Christians think the Internet is in America, and foreigners should get out. 12 year-old boyZ and pregnant, 13 year-old GirZ who post on facebouf think that we’re all in their territory, the one with RingpopZ and WebCritterZ and homemade, misspelled tattooZ. And these young peepZ, these future leaderZ of the UniverZe are the most sexist, misogynistic little squeebZ in the universe. And so I complain about attitudes in past advertising, because it all seems so similar. Luckily, none of my facebouf “frenZ” tell me I should be in the kitchen, making them a sandwich. I don’t understand why their dadZ don’t make them sandwiches, when they’re obviously hungry and I don’t get it because I am not Phresh Phly PantZ on the groun’.


1950’s British Suburbia
Alleee 1
The Delicates * Meusurry
The Electric Moog Orchestra * Star Wars Cantina Band
1964 Buick Riviera
Joyce Green * Black Cadillac
Northwind * Wand’ring Minstrel
A Woman’s Work
The Emperors * Karate
The Psychoskeletons * Hockey
Leave it to Beaver clip
Ella Mae Morse * Money, Honey
Jean-Jaques Perrey * Chicken on the Rocks (bouncing balls song)
I Got You Fired
The Lost Generation * Talkin’ The Teenaged Language
Make the Girl Dance * Baby Baby Baby
Taget: Women * Ladyfriends
Harmony Sisters * Liisa Pien’
Gene O’Quin * Too Hot to Handle
Mountain Grown Coffee!
Fart-Absorbing Blanket
Janis Martin * Cracker Jack
Taget Women: Yogurt
Jello Biafra * Love Me, I’m a Liberal
Kay Starr * Oh, Babe!
Suburban 50’s Housewife
Les Poppys * Let the Sunshine in
Patsy Cline * Lovesick Blues
Sparkle Moore * Killer
Ennio Morricone * Mato, Caldo, Soldi, Morto…Girotondo
Sexist tv ads
Wanda Jackson * Mean, Mean Man


Mondo Diablo Episode 249: Reddy Record, who Likes to Play with You, vs Everyone

April 10, 2010

Reddy Record is for boys. But for boys who are not at work, really. (A few f-bombs in there, one from Obama, one from Tommy Wiseau.)


Reddy Record 1
Alleee 1
Sun Ra and the Blues Project * Robin’s Theme
Francis Lai * La Peur
Reddy Record 2
Sister Wynona Carr * I See Jesus
Buddy Morrow * Summer in the City
Reddy Record 3
Keith Green * A Billion Starving People * It’s Gotta STOP! Artists Against the Abortion Holocaust
Darth Vader’s Theme
Reddy Record 4
Flavia & The Motonets * El Tren
Isao Tomita (Grieg) * Solveig’s Song from Peer Gynt
Reddy Record 5
Jive Talkin’
Jose Moriche y Juan Pulido * La Guardia Blanca
Reddy Record 6
Leslie Gore * You Don’t Own Me
Duke Ellington * The Mooch
Reddy Record 7
Juliane Werding * Niemand hat Zeit
Dick Schory and the Percussive Art Ensemble * Cloud 9
Reddy Record 8
Jan Crouch * Marriage is a Padded Cell
Leroy Holmes and his Orchestra * Spellbound
Reddy Record 9
Peter Z. Bayreuther * Das Herz ist Mein Kompass
Tom Glazer * Shanty Boy’s Life
Reddy Record 10
Alleee 2


Mondo Diablo Episode 236: Never Trust a German!

January 21, 2010

The clips this week comes from an old propaganda/brainwashing American men film, “Your job in Germany.” Isn’t it horrible how a country believes its so superior that it has the right to invade other countries so it can be the world’s superpower? And the use of propaganda! Tsk! I guess the picture is right. They are born and bred with this belief of superiority. (snark)


Your Job in Germany 1
Alleee 1
Roy Black * Meine Liebe zur Dir
James Last * Hello Dolly
Your Job in Germany 2
Ob 15, Ob 16, Ob 17 Jahre Alt
Peggy March * Memories of Heidelberg
Your Job in Germany 3
Ingo and his Continentals featuring Manny the Singing Chef * Komm Gib Mer Deine Hand
Klaus Wunderlicht * Wunderland Bei Nacht
Your Job in Germany 4
Nina Hagen * Wir Leben Immer…Noch
Die Crazy Girls * Lass Dir Zeit (Walk, Don’t Run)
Your Job in Germany 5
Nicole * Ein Bisschen Frieden
Die Ärzte-3 * Tage Bart
Your Job in Germany 6
Blue Diamonds * Sukiyaki
France Gall * Ich Träume Jeder Nacht
Your Job in Germany 7
Heino * Schwarzbraun ist die Haselnuß
Eddie Warner en zang van The Nelson Boys * Telstar
Your Job in Germany 8
Dschinghis Khan * Dschingis Khan 2006
IFA Wartburg * Hallo Guter Kommunist
Your Job in Germany 9
Mr. Ed Theme Song
Udo Jürgens * Aber Bitte mit Sahne
Your Job in Germany 10