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Hellbound Alleee Show 140: Jury Duty

September 2, 2010

Francois and I return after 13 months to relate a story about my almost serving on a Federal Immigration case, and Francois pontificates.


Mondo Diablo Episode 265: Doctore Legume presents The Death Cult that Controls American Minds: Don’t Be Lured!

July 30, 2010

Dottore Legume Ranted/Preached this screed many years ago, and it’s just as relevant today, if not more so, than it was oh, so many years ago.


Legume 1
Hal Blaine * Freaky
Os Mutantes * Baby
Legume 2
Brazilian Octopus * Pavane
Ingo and His Continentals featuring Manny the Singing Chef * Liechtensteiner Polka
Legume 3
Jean-Jacques Perrey * Quand le Temps Sera Venu
Bernadine Stars Und Ihre Schlager
Ebola World * Noah’s Ark
Irving Fields Trio * Wedding Merengue
Phil Keaggy * The Survivor * It’s Goota STOP! Artists Against the Abortion Holocaust
Legume 4
Lloyd Lindroth * Goin’ Out of My Head
Claud Francois * Je Vais a Rio
The Thinking Atheist * Remember the Sabbath
Jónsi & Alex * Boy 1904
Icelandic Rocky Horror
Legume 5
Chris Vardakis * Pantheon Party
Love Potion No. 9
Legume 6
Paul Whiteman and his Ambassador Orchestra * Whispering Fox Trot
Marta Kubisova * It’s Not Unusual
Legume 7
The Three Suns * The Autumn Leaves
Howard Vokes * Mommy, Please Stay Home With Me
Legume 8
Alleee 2
Backwards Mask


Mondo Diablo Episode 248: SubGenius Mutantus Creation Myth with Sacred Scribe, Reverend Ivan Stang

April 1, 2010

A reading of Creation Scripture by Ivan Stang.


Yetis 1
Alleee 1
Tex Williams * Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette
The Early Music Consort of London * The Bergundian Court of Philip
Yetis 2
Cherry 2000 * Don’t Impose Your Values On Me
Valérie se rebelle
Dieter Reith * Transmitter
Yetis 3
LeMur * PR Gnus 1
Rinky Dink and the Crystal Sets * Choo Choo Cha Cha Cha
The Art Van Damme Quintet * The Breeze and I
Yetis 4
June Wade and the Country Congregation * Ayatollah, Let ‘Em Go!
Les Baxter * Whatever Lola Wants
Yetis 5
Carradine * Animal People
Baby’s Gang * Challenger
Willie Jones and Roger Endy * Ragtime Annie
Yetis 6
Bourvil et Jacqueline Maillan * Ça (Je t’aime moi non plus)
The Ventures * Love Goddess of Venus
Yetis 7
City Limits * Progress
The Funny Music Project * Wreckin’ By The Book
Harry Pitch * Golden Earrings
Yetis 8
LeMur * PR Gnus 2
Energy Crisis * Skylab
Edmundo Ros * Balao no Braz
Yetis 9
Last Days * Politicians Are Humans too
Coronet Instructional Films * Jimmy Crack Corn
Chet Baker and the Mariachi Brass * Chiquita Banana
Yetis 10
I Married a Monster * Be Kind to Humans Week
Alleee 2


Episode 152: I am not a Terrorist

August 16, 2008

Free Peace mp3s


Norman Nawrocki * Why I am an Anarchist
Alleee 1
Mike Malloy * Orwellian Bushisms
Skidmark Bob * Big Bob Brother Remix
Bring it on
Shitake Mushroom * I am Not a Terrorist 1
Mike Malloy 2
George Carlin * Your Owners 1
Jello Biafra * Beat Around the Bush 1
David Yarborough * Bushit
Mike Malloy 3
George Carlin 2
Jello Biafra 2
Shitake Mushroom * I am Not a Terrorist 2
Ramsey Clarke * Impeach Remix
George Carlin 3
Jello Biafra 3
Jay Mankita * They Lied
Shitake Mushroom * I am not a Terrorist 3
Fashion Report * Pay TV
Geirge Carlin 4
Jello Biafra 4
The Tennessee Roughnecks * Message of Deep Devotion
Shitake Mushrooms * I am not a Terrorist 4
George Carlin 5
Jello Biafra Remix

War is Peace Out

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Episode 145: Mondo Ranto

July 15, 2008

In which Alleee rants and scolds and generally complains.

Scary, Isn’t It
USAF * Hey, Mister!
Alleee 1
Jerry Whitman * Some Things I Don’t Understand
Wait Wait 1
Roy Smeck * Bugle Call Rag
Corky * Love Makes the World go Round
Wait Wait 2
Groucho Marx * I’m Against It
Jo Stafford * The Pussycat Song
Alleee 2
Charlie and Lola
Special to Me
Wait Wait 3
Partridge Family * I Believe in Love
Six Jumping Jacks * I Do Not Choose to Run
Wait Wait 4
Pan-Harmonic Music * Boom Boom
Neil Pye * End of the World Cabaret
Wait Wait 5
Piero Piccioni * Main Titles
Pan-Harmonic Music * Syncopated Clock
Wait Wait 6
Ronald Frankau and Monte Crick * Everybody’s got Sex Appeal for Someone
Leonard Nimoy * Both Sides Now
Wait Wait 7
Danny Bonaduce * You’re Old Enough to Fall in Love
Curley Coldiron * Too Many Chiefs and Not Enough Indians
Wait Wait 8
Bruce Baxter * I’m Free
Rick Ely * Morning Girl
Chandler Conspiracy * Medley
Alleee 3

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Freedom is not Anti-Social Part 2: The Moral Argument

April 14, 2008

Market Anarchy


Guy Pederson * Bass After Love
Alleee 1
Serge Gainsbourg * Ballade de Melody Nelson
Alan Parker & Mike Moran * Move and Shake Your Body
Jocelyne * Nitty Gritty
Phil Harris * St. James Infirmary
Roger Bourdin * Crazy Horse
Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass * Carmen
RIAA * Smoke on the Sun
Bernard Lubat * Pop Aubergine
The Terrytooners * Barker Bill
Évariste * La Chasse au Boson Intermédiaire
Hervé Roy * Fin De Séance
Rutland Weekend Songbook * Children of Rock ‘n’ Roll/Startime
Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennett * Dumbo
RIAA * Candy Enema Shock
Spazz-Living Guitars * Brown Sugar
Raymond Guiot & Guy Pederson * Ballade Pour Un Basse
Shelley Looney * Thank You, Canada
Raymond Guiot & Guy Pederson * Visions Fantastiques
Rutland Weekend Songbook * Protest Song
Warren Jeffs (Yes, THAT Warren Jeffs) * Searching for Zion
Bernard Estardy * Claviers Ivres
Flares * The Monkey Walk
The Keyboards * Clair
MOF 10
Unknown * Music Box
Petra Haden * Don’t Stop Believin’
Alleee 2

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Freedom is not Anti-Social Part 1: Morality

April 13, 2008

Machinery of Freedom podcast on


Morality 1
Alleee 1
Ed Bruce * Hummin’ Cummins
Morality 2
Helmut Zacharias * Naturally Stoned
Jaymz Bee & The Royal Jelly Orchestra * You Oughta Know
Morality 3
Wendy Carlos * Sinfonia in D Major
Danny Bonaduce * I’ll Be Your Magician
Morality 4
Jean Michel Jarre * Theme de L’argent
Aimable * Tous les Garcons et les Filles
Morality 5
Enoch Light * Bond Street
Bastard Fairies * We’re All Going to Hell
Morality 6
Lenny Dee * Also Sprach Zarathustra
The Last Dinosaur * Beat It
Morality 7
Myron Floren * Anna
France Gall * Ich Kann Dir Nicht Bose Sein
Morality 8
Joe Thomas * Electric Godfather
Rex Hobart * It’s Not Easy Being Green
Morality 9
Martin Denny * I Talk to the Trees
The Sugar Bears * Love, You’ve Been a Long Time Coming
Morality 10
Nils Tibor * Little Willy
Tjupurru * Unkol James Brown
Alleee 2

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