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Episode 162: Bride of Satan

October 25, 2008

And here’s the stupid-ass site responsible for this shit
St. Birgitta (For the trackback: Hiya, fundies! I’m a Satanist witch too! Ooo, scary! I hate God and Jesus, and want your children to be like me! It’s the End o’ Days! Run for your lives!!!)

(PS: Fair Use.)


Jk Rowling 1
Alleee 1
Don Cherry * Big Bad Wolf
JK 2
Frankie Stein and his Ghouls * Mummy’s Little Boy
Vincent Price and the Muppets * You’ve Got a Friend
JK 3
DSS Productions * Morticia’s Theme
Lord Melody * Creature from the Black Lagoon
JK 4
Billy May * Return of the Zombie
Louis Armstrong * Skeleton in the Closet
JK 5
Sid Bass * The House is Haunted
Aleister Crowley * The Pentagram
JK 6
Noro Morales * Mr. Ghost Goes to Town
Jonathan Coulton * Re: Your Brains
JK 7
101 Strings * Tubular Bells
Del-Vikings * Sorcerer’s Apprentice
JK 8
Artie Shaw * Nightmare
Charlie Spivak Orchestra * Inner Sanctum
JK 9
Bauhaus * St Vitus Dance
Ma Rainey * Black Cat Hoot Owl Blues
JK 10
Jack Hylton * Bogie Wail
Alleee 2

Download, for the sake of the children! Who will think of the children?!?

Halloween Episode 79: Here, Kitty, Kitty!

October 1, 2007


Plan 9 * Most Fantastic
Alleee 1
Here Kitty 1
Spike Jones * My Old Flame
Here Kitty 2
Saint Saens * Dans Macabre
Claudine Longet * Lullaby from Rosemary’s Baby
Here Kitty 3
DSS Productions * The Addams House
Robert Cobert * I, Barnabas
Here Kitty 4
Robert Cobert * Dark Shadows Theme Collinwood
New Mayfair Dance Orchestra * The Haunted House
Here Kitty 5
Frankie Trumbauer Orchestra * Shivery Stomp
Allan Sherman * My Son, The Vampire
Here Kitty 6
Frankie Stein and his Ghouls * Swinging Head
Witches Brew
Plan 9 * Modern Women
Mussorgsky * Night on Bare Mountain
Reszo Seres * Gloomy Sunday
Here Kitty 7
Harvey Averne * Lullaby from Rosemary’s Baby
Buddy Morrow and his Orchestra * The Raven
Here Kitty 8
Spade Cooley * Devil’s Dream
The Modernaires * Rockin’ Ghost
Here Kitty 9/10
Alleee 2

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