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Mondo Diablo Episode 293: Countdown to X-Day 1998

January 13, 2011

The clips were lifted from an old Hour of Slack show from 1999, which included clips from a documentary that may not exist called “Countdown to X-Day.” This was to be the last X-Day, as they were all expecting the X-ists to come down in their pleasure saucers in a trail of destruction, waiting to present their minister cards as passage onto the ships. These recordings were of their excitement and disappointment, and the beginning of many years of disappointment, waiting for that one day when it will really, truly be July 5th, 1998.


Countdown 1
Alleee 1
Mr. F. Le Mur * Believe it or Kill Me 1
Malcolm’s Locks * Get Up Stand Up
Countdown 2
France Gall * I Like Mozart
Bruce Haack * Party Machine
Countdown 3
Norel Pref * I Like SubGeniuses
Mr. F Le Mur * PR Gnus 1
Countdown 4
Tommy Johnson * Boogaloosa Woman
Piero Piccioni * La Volpe Dalla Coda Di Velluto
Countdown 5
Mr. F Le Mur * Believe it or Kill Me 2
Bill T Miller * X-Day’s a Comin’
Countdown 6
Brasil ’66 * Fool on the Hill
Nenslo * Take me off to Space
Countdown 7
Mr. F Le Mur * PR Gnus 2
Si Dise Sempre Cosi
Countdown 8
Insane Ian * House
The Psycho Skeletons * What About Bob
Countdown 9
What’s Causing these Mysterious Animal Die-Offs?
Dave Kamien Division * Watermelon Man
Alleee 2


Classic Hellbound Alleee shows, re-posted

February 10, 2008

The Apocalypse, part 1

The Apocalypse, Part 2

The Apocalypse, Part 3 

Episode 110: THE END IS NIGH

February 10, 2008

A Brief History of the Apocalypse

Alleee 1
Endtimes 1
Dean Elliott and his Swinging Big, Big Band * Will You Still Be Mine
The Cathedral Quartet * The Laughing Song
Endtimes 2
Henri Rene and his Orchestra * Hansel and Pretzel
Two by Two
Endtimes 2.5
Les Baxter * Calcutta
Betty Johnson * You Can’t Get to Heaven on Roller Skates
Endtimes 3
Terry Snyder, Earl Palmer * Binga Banga Bongo; Percolator
The Abyssinia * Said I Wasn’t Gonna Tell Nobody
Endtimes 4
John Barry * Seance on a Wet Afternoon
Dan McBride * Downtown
Endtimes 5
David Carroll * Hell’s Bells (felix slatkin)
The Leonard Family * It Won’t Happen Again
Endtimes 6
Muzzy Marcellino & His House Party Group * Heap Big Chief
Count Floyd * Treat Her Like a Lady
Endtimes 7
Sir Julian & Elliott Fischer * Thunderball
The Creation * He is There
Endtimes 8
King Curtis * Melancholy Serenade
The Cheshire Chord Company * I Predict a Riot
Endtimes 9
The Dragoneers * Kung Fu
Alleee 2

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