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Rerun of Episode 51: Bad Bible Part 2

May 15, 2010

This week, I’m feeling pretty poorly, sorta shut down. I’ve been listening to and enjoying some of my older podcasts, so I thought I’d share an old one with you guys, one from 3 years ago. I hope you like it.

Episode 51: Bad Bible 2

Episode 195: Keeping the Faith

April 21, 2009

She wants, terribly, to believe; to be comforted. A man, recently a celebrity for doing good, decides that she will be the one he saves. It doesn’t sound too hard, really. She needs to believe. So why does he fuck it up so badly?


Keeping the Faith 1
Alleee 1

Carlo Montez * Go Go Mobile
Stopchildren * Medicinehead 24 hr
Keeping the Faith 2
Henrik Nielsen * Pisces
Maureen McCormick * Ben
Keeping the Faith 3
Syd Dale * Friendly Roaring Dragon
Shari Elf * Ron’s Appliance
Keeping the Faith 4
Ralph Carmichael * Rumble
Syndney Jo Lewis * Boppin’ Grandfather Clock
Keeping the Faith 5
Walter Wanderly * Call Me
Cara Stewart * Song of the Burmese Land
Keeping the Faith 6
The Fortune Tellers * Song of the Nairobi Trio
Fabio * On Inner Beauty
Keeping the Faith 7
La Sinfonica de JB * Papaya
Kidz Bop * Take Me Out!
Keeping the Faith 8
All-Star Orchestra * A Taste of Honey
Eva * Psiu
Keeping the Faith 9
The Synthesizer Sound Machine * Mozart Opus 40
DJ Shadow and Dan “The Automator * Satchidananda
Keeping the Faith 10
Alleee 2

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