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Mondo Diablo Episode 242 * Culturequake!

February 22, 2010

This week, a collection of clips, mashups and collages, from Norel Pref, The ECC, me, et al.


Tim Maloney * Shatner
Alleee 1 * Slack
Norel Pref * A Dobbs Minute
The Truth Rockets * Message From Xenu
Stop Children * Medicine Head
Found Footage Festival * Christian Teens say NO!
Alessandroni * Caressing
The Button * The Door is Closing
Alleee * Whoo-Hoo!
Timmy Thomas Remix by DJ Thom * Why Can’t We Live Together
Brain Science * Public Radio
Alleee 3 * The Crone
Norel Pref * Beauty is Boring
ECC * Whipped Cream Ringtone
Inside Out Theme
Workshoppe Radio Phonic * Bigtime Shopping
Value Village People * Jello Dog Food
The Addicts Sing
Alessandroni * Cielo Verde
Norel Pref * Bob Can Make a Difference
Tim Maloney * Extra Sugar-Free Gum
Mark Kennis * Heart of the Heartland
Norel Pref * Bob Coming
Gel Sol * Sooper Shammy
Corporate Starbucks Drones * We Built this Starbucks
Norel Pref * Subgenius Crack
ECC * Giant Pineapple Party

Alleee 2 * The Garden


Episode 125: The Circle of the Crystal Children

April 20, 2008

Pastor Deacon Fred
Bible Stories-the story of creation
Fred Phelps
Rev “Budd” Spriggs from “What the Bible Says about Flying Saucers”
Little Marky
Charles Manson
Billy Bob Neck
Marcy Tigner
The Motels
Ken Wallace
Pierre Raymonde
You Tube
For Heaven’s Sake!
I Religios Exstas
The View
Yan Tregger
Alan Parker & Mike Moran
Steve Taylor
Hot Lips Page
The Phelps Family
Esther Lee
The Addicts
Aunt Jemimah
L Ron Hubbard
Pointer Sisters
Radio Charlie (Nazis)
Manos: Hands of Fate
Sandra ‘n’ Cindy
Rep. Monique Davis
Rob Sherman
Armstrong Floors
Hope Kawashima
Tim Stivers
Johnny Darrell
Province of Ontario

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