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Mondo Diablo Episode 310: Doors are Our Friends

May 17, 2011

Marvel at this wonder of production finesse: the instructional film on how to use a door, “The Door to Heaven,” Found here:


Doors 1
Alleee 1
Is Star Trek Anti-Religion?
The Mutant Mountain Boys * Bob is Watching Us
Doors 2
Medical Missionaries of Mary Choral Group * Spring
The Shadows * Telstar
Doors 3
Paul Weston and his Orchestra * Bimbo
The Ventures * Apache
Doors 4
The Book of Mormon * Hasa Diga Eebowai
WOR Jean Shepherd Theme Song * Bahn Frei
Doors 5
The Peanuts * Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport
Jesus Died for your Doughnuts
George King * Nairobi
Doors 6
The Troubadors * Tsena, Tsena
Kamil Behonek * Choo-Choo
Doors 7
NBC * Loud as a Peacock
Guess Who!
Ted Mazio Percussion Group * I Didn’t Know what Time it Was
Doors 8
Daniel Ouimet * Valérie et L’Amour
John Muri * Chanson
Doors 9
Peanut Butter, the Atheist’s Nightmare
Zellers * The Point Sisters, 1987
North Korean Patriotic Song * Wish of Health
Doors 10 + Alleee 2
Slander Bob * Yes, His Name is “Bob.”