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Episode 164: Something Weird Video

November 11, 2008

Something Weird Video


All Ears 1
Alleee 1
Sheba * Jungle Fever
Curious Alice 1
Gus Brendel Group * Take a Shake
Danger! High Voltage! 1
Mona Rae * Do Me
The Golden Goose 1
Soul Orgasm-ization * Ode to Billy Joe
The Inner Man 1
Shirley Scott * Soul Souce
It’s a Revolution, Mother!
Klaus and Uschi * Young Stud
All Ears 2
Sinatra * Drinking Water
Curious Alice 2
The Horsemen * Theme From Outlaw Riders
Danger! High Voltage! 2
Cake * War Pigs
The Golden Goose 2
Hot Butter * Song of the Nairobi Trio
The Inner Man 2
Hank Snow * That Crazy Mambo Thing
All Ears 3
Mike Theodorak * Cafe Rock
Curious Alice 3
June Carter * Mama Teach Me
Danger! High Voltage! 3
Henry Mancini * Moon River Cha-Cha
All Ears 4
Leonce * Wrestler (Triple H)
Curious Alice 4
Herb Alpert * Slick
High Voltage 4
Matthew Gonder * Clair, Commissaire! (and he’s from my home town!)
Curious Alice 5
T Elerth * Skippin’ It
Danger 5
Alleee 2


Episode 163: Pre-Season Shopping Bonanza

November 5, 2008


The Drifters for Coca-Cola
Alleee 1
Oktoberfest Souvenir
Coco Puffs
KPM Library * Product Efficiency
Harry Betts * Children’s Vocal for Bestline
RCA Selectavision
Robert R Wray * The Wonderful World of Music
America in Motion
Revlon’s Charlie
KPM Library * Mini Motoring
Patton Oswalt * KFC Famous Bowls
Spic and Span
James Clarke * The Free Life
Freddy, Freddy
Puritan Meats
L Martin and B Dee * Disco Holiday
Studio LaRoux * The More You Sell
Vincent Price for Hangman
Ady Zehnpfennig * Easter Afternoon
George Carlin on Voting
What’s To Eat?
Robert R Wray * Account Execs
Benjamin * Le Poisson et l’Oisseau
Woolworth Records
What Kind of Fool am I?
Snatch * Another Brick in the Wall
Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum
Alleee 2

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