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Mondo Diablo Episode 330: A Prayer for the Brutal Death of our Enemies, and Drinking Game

November 21, 2011

Due to an unfortunate run-in with some proprietary software, this week’s playlist is gone. To compensate for this injustice, I have included a fun drinking game. It’s very easy to play: just take a drink of your favorite beverage when commanded! Have a fun and safe Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Etiquette for Children 1
Carnation Evaporated Milk
Randy Roberts * The Pilgrim/Thanksgiving Song
Thanksgiving Etiquette for Children 2
Chase and Sanborn Coffee * Please Understand and Cooperate
Conserve Food for Wartime PSA
Save Grease for Wartime 1
Norm Burns * Our Thanksgiving Blessings are Great
Thanksgiving Etiquette for Children 3
Andy Becker for Crisco
Save Grease for Wartime 2
Collins and Harlan * Bake Dat Chicken Pie
Thanksgiving Etiquette for Children 4
Jell-O 1
Save Grease for Wartime 3
Schmoolie * Die, Turkey, Die
Thanksgiving Etiquette for Children 5
Jell-O 2 * Jell-O Chocolate Pudding instructions
Save Grease for Wartime Soap 4 and Guilt Trip
TV’s Kyle * I Like Pie
Thanksgiving Etiquette for Children 6
Jell-O 3 in 6 delicious flavors
Save Grease for Wartime Soap 5
Jeremy Shane * Turkey Murder
General Foods’ Jell-O 4 is glamorous, gay and sprightly
Save Grease for Wartime 6
Genki English * What are You Thankful For?
Maine Sardine Council * Sardine Sandwich ad 1
Jell-O 5 Program with Jack Benny
Save Grease for Wartime 7
Max DeGroot * It’s the Most Commercial Time of the Year
Jell-O 6 Butterscotch Pudding
Save Grease for Wartime 8
Maine Sardine Council * Sardine Sandwich ad 2
USDA * Turkey Time for Salmonella
Thanksgiving Etiquette for Children 7
Vince Guaraldi with Jack Sheldon * Joe Cool
Jell-O 7 Mrs. Bradley’s Swell Letter
Maine Sardine Council * Sardine Sandwich Ad 3
Joseph Byrd * Conquest of the American Wilderness
Larry Taylor * Autumn Portrait
Kraft Dinner
Hoosier Hotshots * We Like Bananas (Because They Have no Bones)
Wendy Carlos * Fall from “The Four Seasons”
Alleee’s Prayer of Thanksgiving from Psalms