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Mondo Diablo Episode 320: Look Around You!

September 19, 2011

Enjoy this week’s podcast for its informative, educational nature. Learn about the world from the perspective of REAL science, from REAL BBC actors portraying scientists. Look Around You!


Look 1

Jean-Jacques Perrey and Dana Countryman * Chicken on the Rocks
Wild Man Fischer and Smegma * Stigmatize Your Mind
Look 2
Don Harper * Doctor Who Theme
Bashir Sheikh & Sharon Prabhakar * Each Time I Remember Your Pretty Face (Hum Tumhe Chahte Hain Aise)
Look 3
Emil Hahn * The Man I Love
Rory Storm & The Hurricanes [w; Ringo Starr] * America
Look 4
Orchester Frank Pleyer * Sunday Love Affair
Manic Hispanic * Bored With You Esse
Look 5
Solid Gold Easy Action * Günter Noris
Marianne Faithful * Interview/Summer Nights
Look 6
Enoch Light and the Light Brigade * Caravan
Nathan’s Famous Restaurant on Coney Island
Look 7
Duncan Lamont * Funky Sunrise
Björk Gudmundsdottir * Alta Mira [1977]
Look 8
The Hell Raisers
Perry Mason Theme
Look 9
Richard Behrke for Chevrolet * Chevelle, El Camino
Richard Behrke for Chevrolet * Chevrolet, Building a Better Way
Look 10
Alleee 2


Episode 204: Meat is Life

July 6, 2009

This is the film from The American Meat Concern, or Institute or something.


Beau Hunks * Our Gang Music
This is Life 1
Alleee 1
Billy May * Goin’ Out of my Head
Shirley and Lee * Let the Good Times Roll
This is Life 2
Ennio Morricone * Giocoso, Gioioso
Tom James * Sample of Your Love
This is Life 3
Bernard Hermann * The Earth
Fanfarlo * Ghosts
This is Life 4
Frank Popp Ensemble * You’ve Been Gone Too Long
Delta Rhythm Boays * Get on Board, Little Children
This is Life 5
Enoch Light * Watermelon Man
Monique and Louis Aldebert * Never on a Sunday
This is Life 6
Billy Banks and his Rhythmakers * Yes, Suh
Norel Pref * Acolytes Out
This is Life 7
The Ray Charles Singers * Desafinado
Lecuona Cuban Boys * Tra-Ka-Tra
This is Life 8
Jim and Bob * By the Waters of the Minnetonka
Tracky Birthday * Free Dshimi
This is Life 9
Johnny Horton * Mean, Mean Son of a Gun
RIAA * That’s a-Funky
This is Life 10
Alleee 2


Episode 156: The Outsider

September 19, 2008


Outsider 1
Alleee 1
Gary McFarland * Bloop Bleep
The Outsider 2
Roy Smeck * 12th Street Rag
Chris Montez * The Face I Love
The Outsider 3
Mad Doctors * The Golden Prize
Sheila Jordan * Dat Dere
The Outsider 4
Quincy Jones * Dynamite
Wild About Harry
The Outsider 5
Pat Williams * Face up the Music
Super J * Super Jay Love Theme
The Outsider 6
Ray Davies and the Button Down Band * Everybody’s Talkin’
Coney Island Barker * Guess Your Age and Weight
The Outsider 7
Tony Hatch Orchestra * The Naked City
Slim Gaillard and Slam Stewart * Palm Springs Jump
The Outsider 8
Sounds Orchestra * Sunshine Superman
Rodd Keith * God Gave us Richard Nixon
The Outsider 9
Johnny Patrick * This Guy’s in Love With You
Viennese Seven Singing Sisters * William Tell Overture
The Outsider 10
Alleee 2

Oh, Mother, why can’t I download like all the other kids?