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Mondo Diablo Episode 315: Scaring the Hippies with John Waters

July 31, 2011

I’m back from hospital for the second time, this time, hopefully, for good. But probably not. This week, Joy Behar interviews John Waters, and I rant.


John Waters 1
Alleee 1
Louis Dumaine’s Jazzola * Eight-to-Wah-Bac-A-Wah
Pr Gnus 1
Heavenly Gospel Singers * Dip Your Finger in the Water
John Waters 2
Josef Mikulas, Franz Zrust * Weiner Heurigan Marsch
Ernest Tubb * It’s America: Love it or Leave it
John Waters 3
Barney Kessel’s All-Stars * Atom Buster
PR Gnus 2
Jean-Jacques Perrey * E.V.A.
John Waters 4
Marty Gold & Donald Hulme * Main Theme from “Tommy”
Juanitos * Strange Italian Song
John Waters 5
Mike Mandel, Clark Ferguson, Carlo Curley * Funky Wah
PR Gnus 3
Lazy Town Theme Stephanie * Bing Bang
John Waters 6
True Blues Traveling Dance Band * Mame
Steve Barger & the Altruists * My God Don’t Take no Crap
John Waters 7
Billy Banks & his Rhythmmakers 1932 * Mean Ol Bed Bug Blues
PR Gnus 4
Outer Limits * The Sixth Finger
Scatman Crothers * Baby Won’t You Please Come Home
John Waters 8
Rockin’ with the Rockets * Efferge Ware
Selling My Birthright
John Waters 9
Irving Fields Trio * My Hometown Girl
PR Gnus 5
Vassar G-Stringers * The Pig Song
John Waters 10
Alleee 2