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Mondo Diablo Episode 235: Predictions for the Amazing Year 2010

January 15, 2010

Praise “Bob!” Here are my predictions for the AMAZING year 2010, as well as some vague guesses about WWIII and Armageddon from some YouTube Yahoo.


Alleee: 1
Bob Chance * Bob the Van Man
Cast of “Real Chance at Love” * Animals are Awesome
Predictions 2
Ronald K Wells & the Youth Choir * I Wonder I Wonder
Billy Ward & the Dominoes * Tootsie Roll
Predictions 3
Dan Ashwander * The Will of God
Ed Summerlin & Roger Ortmayer * Service of Confession
Predictions 4
The Hawaiians * He Turned Water into Wine
RIAA * No Lies
Predictions 5
Slim Gaillard * Yip Roc Heresy
Predictions 6
Adriano Celentano * Prisencolinensinainciusol
Symphony of Science * We Are All Connected
Predictions 7
The Boswell Sisters * Heebie Jeebies
Fats Waller and his Rhythm * Got No Time
Predictions 8
Os Mutantes * Ave Ghengis Khan
Kanui & Lula * Oua, Oua
Predictions 9
Bob Ehret * Stop the Clock
Frances Baskerville * The Grassy Knoll
Predictions 10


Episode 187: They Really Believe This Stuff

February 27, 2009

ATLAH Worldwide: All Jesus, All The Time

Revelation Truth


Bill McKee * Year Month Day Hour End 1
Alleee 1
Earl Hines * Sweet Georgia Brown
The Statesmen * Everybody’s Gonna Have a Terrible Time
Bill McKee * Year Month Day Hour End 2
Kirby Stone Four * A Reasonably Ugly Chick
Unknown * My Glory Ladder
Bill McKee * Year Month Day Hour End 3
Moose Jackson with Tiny Bradshaw’s Orchestra * A Big 10 Inch Record
Unknown * Come Back, America!
Bill McKee * Year Month Day Hour End 4
Don Ralke and his Orchestra * I Got Rhythm
Bran Flakes * Let Us Praise Him, Children
Bill McKee * Year Month Day Hour End 5
Sugarmotor * Never Gonna Give You Up in a Heavy Situation
Gospel Echoes * Sinners Return to Jesus
Bill McKee * Year Month Day Hour End 6
Phil RetroSpecter * In My Twin Life
Earl Fullers Famous Jazz Band and Countess Ada de Lachau * Li’l Liza Jane
Bill McKee * Year Month Day Hour End 7
Teddy Lasry * Swurrrppp
Dirt Bacharach * Guys in Love
Bill McKee * Year Month Day Hour End 8
The Hi Lo’s * Something’s Coming
Drew Dobbs * Your Own Damn Fries
Bill McKee * Year Month Day Hour End 9
RIAA * Down At Mississippi
Bill McKee * Year Month Day Hour End 10
Alleee 2


Classic Hellbound Alleee shows, re-posted

February 10, 2008

The Apocalypse, part 1

The Apocalypse, Part 2

The Apocalypse, Part 3 

Episode 110: THE END IS NIGH

February 10, 2008

A Brief History of the Apocalypse

Alleee 1
Endtimes 1
Dean Elliott and his Swinging Big, Big Band * Will You Still Be Mine
The Cathedral Quartet * The Laughing Song
Endtimes 2
Henri Rene and his Orchestra * Hansel and Pretzel
Two by Two
Endtimes 2.5
Les Baxter * Calcutta
Betty Johnson * You Can’t Get to Heaven on Roller Skates
Endtimes 3
Terry Snyder, Earl Palmer * Binga Banga Bongo; Percolator
The Abyssinia * Said I Wasn’t Gonna Tell Nobody
Endtimes 4
John Barry * Seance on a Wet Afternoon
Dan McBride * Downtown
Endtimes 5
David Carroll * Hell’s Bells (felix slatkin)
The Leonard Family * It Won’t Happen Again
Endtimes 6
Muzzy Marcellino & His House Party Group * Heap Big Chief
Count Floyd * Treat Her Like a Lady
Endtimes 7
Sir Julian & Elliott Fischer * Thunderball
The Creation * He is There
Endtimes 8
King Curtis * Melancholy Serenade
The Cheshire Chord Company * I Predict a Riot
Endtimes 9
The Dragoneers * Kung Fu
Alleee 2

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