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Mondo Diablo Episode 253: Aw, Hell. Part 2

May 6, 2010

Second part of the Estus Pirkle 2-parter. And, Alleee goes on a RANT!


Hell 12
Negativland * Christianity is Stupid
Alleee 1
Christine Laume * Une Fille Libre
Hell 13
Everything is Terrible
Dr Strangelove
Michel Legrande and the London Symphony Orchestra * Theme and Variation for Two Pianos and Orchestra
Hell 14
Frances Baskerville the Singling Psychic * Angel Talk
The Onion News 1
RJD2 * De l’alouette
Hell 15
Jimmy Lloyd * Rocket in my Pocket
Billy May * Spanish Flea
Hell 16
Peter Bayreuther * Lasst Uns Zusammen Arbeiten
God Gun
Hal Blaine * Inner Space
Hell 18
Nouvelle Vague * Human Fly
Alvino Rey * Third Man Theme
Hell 19
Major Tom
Onion News 2
Stepchild * Obstinancy
Hell 20
Hello Bob
Semi-Not * Disco Communist
Dick Hyman * Stompin’ at the Savoy
Hell 21
Alleee 2


Mondo Diablo Episode 252: Aw, Hell. Part 1

April 30, 2010

Estus Pirkle presents the REAL reason to believe: because God is some kind of horrible monster who created a system where people who go to the wrong Christian church end up burning and have constant diarrhea due to intestinal parasites–which is interesting because there are already people in the “wrong church” who are already dying of constant diarrhea. So maybe those hippies who said “hell is here on earth” were actually right, and old Estus escaped with his intestines intact. Or maybe he went to some other religion’s Hell. I shudder to think.

Watch “The Burning Hell” here:


Hell 1
Jenks “Tex” Carman * Hillbilly Hula
Ready Teddy * Tutti Frutti
Hell 2
John Shakespeare * Bell Hop
DJ Le Clown * Superkelt
Hell 3
Goose Culbreath * Granny
Hell 4
Jonathan Winters * A Violent Elderly Person
Hell 5
Enoch Light and the Light Brigade * Bidin’ My Time
Hell 6
Pimpdaddy Supreme * Pick Up the Phone
Hell 7
John Buzon Trio * Mr. Ghost Goes to Town
Wayne Butane
Hell 8
The Bathroom Song
Hell 9
Les Baxter * Rachmaninov Prelude in C Minor
Faster Pussycat
Hell 10
LeGarde Twins * Blue Canadian Rockies
RIAA * Hideaway Moog Shuffle
Hell 11
Donny Lee * Skunk Ape