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Link in Picture! Mondo Diablo Episode 307: Everything You Know is Firesign

April 23, 2011

Throwing in some irreverent humor to break the seriousness and remind everyone that Easter was always more about bunnies and sex goddesses that it ever was about Jesus. Sure, Easter is about birth, and maybe even rebirth, since it’s in the spring. Yeah, rebirth of vice that nobody gave up for Lent anyway. 40 days of guilt over succumbing to temptation is half of the religion, I guess, and Easter is just another carrot on a stick for an ass.


1-Ralph Spoilsport 1
Backwords * Homeland Security
Andy Loore 1
2-Everything You Know is Wrong Expo
2-A1 Slacks 1
Dandelion Junk Queens * St. James Infirmary
James Last * In a Spanish Town
3-Dr. Sy Borg
3-Ralph Spolsport 2
Tommy Johnson * Lonesome Home Blues
Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennett * Pacesetter
4-Anythynge You Want
4-A1 Slacks 2
Tom Dooley
April Orchestra * T’as pas le Temps
5-Chef Troofle
5-Ralph Spoilsport 3
Kane’s Cousins * Take Your Love and Shove it
Basil Kirchin, John Coleman & Jack Nathan * Main Theme
6-Anarchist Joke
6-A1 Slacks 3
The Senators * There’s a New Man in the White House
Brian Miller & Jeff Howlett * Jingle Jangle
7-Ralph Spoilsport 4
Bobbie Smith & the Dreamgirls * Mine All Mine
Donimak, Tamborelli & Morfina * Psichic (sic) Feeling
8-Art of the Insane 1
8-A1-Slacks 4
Divine * Born to be Cheap
Jack Shaindlin * Matt’s Riff
9-Bob Dog-Dog
9-Sermon on Suffering
Stereo Total * Wir Tanzen im Viereck
Laurent Lombard * Happyland
10-Ed’s End of the World Restaurant
10-A1 Slacks 5
Alleee 2

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Mondo Diablo Episode 288: Which Old Nick?

December 18, 2010

I’d like to thank the Reverend Jehovah Jones for sending an email after I asked for one last time. Thanks, because it gives me content I don’t have to create. This week, I take a look at the film “Santa Claus,” a 1957 Mexican movie, and MST3K’s take on it. We also have Nick Danger’s Third Eye.


1-Satan Speaks
Krampus 1
The Günter Noris Trio * Winter-Allegro Non Molto: Colder Than?
The Rhodes Kids * Christmas All Year Through
2-The Devil Likes Rude Little Boys
The Günter Noris Trio * Fireside Fun
Augie Rios * Donde Esta Santa Claus
The Günter Noris Trio * Slippin’ In the Sun
The Glad Singers * Deck the Halls
Scrooge * Main Title
The Superions * Santa’s Disco
5-Launch 2
Woody Herman and his Orchestra * Santa Claus is Coming to Town
8 more shopping days
Cthulu Lives
6-Weird Theology
Frankie Yankovic * The Merry Christmas Polka
Harry and the Potters * Meet Me Under the Mistletoe
7-Firesign NBC 1
Jo Ann Castle * Skaters’ Boogie
Mae Questal * I Want You for Christmas
8-Firesign NBC 2
Crachit and Tiny Tim
Mel Blac * Ya Das ist Eine Christmas Tree
9-Firesign NBC 3
Scrooge * Toy Shop
Williams Brothers * The Holiday Season
10-Firesign NBC 4
Guy Lombardo * He’ll be Coming Down the Chimney
The Psycho Skeletons * Good King Bob
Krampus 2


Mondo Diablo Episode 281: Dear Friends

November 7, 2010

Enjoy the Firesign Theatre from 1970, from the show “Dear Friends.”


Dear Friends 1
Alleee 1
Alan Hawkshaw & Alan Parker * Girl at the Top B
Art Peterson * Twinkie Insanity Bay
Dear Friends 2
H Flowers and B Morgan * Movement One
Isabelle * Amstramgram
Dear Friends 3
Alan Hawkshaw * Soul Organ Blues
Radiocrack * Obamarah
Dear Friends 4
Die Crazy Girls * Lass Sie Reden
The Rudy Schwartz Project * Delicious Ass Frenzy
Dear Friends 5
Fabien Mellin * Beethoven * Moonlight Sonata
The Peewees * Tootsie Roll
Dear Friends 6
Doug Duke * A Sinner Kissed an Angel
Up and Over It * Run
Dear Friends 7
Nino Rossi * I Ragazzi Del Jazz
Vassar G-Stringers * Communist
Dear Friends 8
70’s Price is Right Theme
Walk Hard * Let Me Hold You Little Man
Dear Friends 9
The Danish Sharks * Cin Cin
Hedwig and the Angry Inch * Wicked Little Town
Alleee 2